Nov 7, 2022
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Nastya Ivleeva’s relatives are looking for a husband


Leading Nastya Ivleeva went in search of the groom.

On November 11, the romantic project “Heart of Ivleeva” starts, in which Nastya will choose the same man from dozens of men. Relatives of the blogger also joined in the search for a potential groom. Mom and brother of the blonde will help her not to miss in love affairs.

The project of the TV channel “Friday!” caused quite a stir. As many as 50 men intend to fight for the heart of Ivleeva. The blonde will have a difficult choice, because the palette of potential suitors is striking in wealth. Participants are representatives of different professions, social statuses and even countries.

However, Nastya immediately admitted that she prefers musicians. Previously, the blogger was married to rapper Aljay, but their marriage quickly fell apart. Relatives will help the star not to repeat mistakes in love affairs: mother Natalya Nikitina and brother Anatoly.

Nastya Ivleeva - photo from the archive -
Nastya Ivleeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Mom has completely opposite taste in men. Every time I bring some talented rapper to the house, she says: “Nooo!”. And I am a rebel, I love beggars and creative musicians!“- Nastya is indignant.

Natalya Nikitina is serious. The woman will try so that her daughter does not make hasty decisions and approaches the situation more rationally.

Nastya and I have different tastes, but there are exceptions. Next to her, I see a brutal, strong and businesslike man who can provide for her, help in her further development, will be her support and support”, — shares the blogger’s mother.

Participants will pass a strict qualification from brother Ivleeva. “Next to my sister, I would like to see a man who does not sit at home like a housewife or hang around bars, but has goals, plans. Definitely not strangled or a tyrant. He should not be hypocritical, insult and offend. Nastya is a high-flying character, next to her there should be a person who is proud of her, gives her freedom of action, choice‘, Anatoly says.

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