Jul 31, 2020
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Nastya Ivleeva was returned to the show “Heads and Tails”

A few days ago, answering the questions of her subscribers about returning to "Heads and Tails", Ivleeva offered her fans in a comic form to return her to the show. As planned by Nastya, if more than half a million comments with the hashtag "nastyushkuvreshku" are typed under the publication with her photo on the Friday TV channel on Instagram, she will be invited to the program. Imagine the surprise of everyone, including Friday, when there were even more comments than had been announced.

Nastya Ivleeva was returned to the show "Heads and Tails"

"We broke into Friday's account today and cheered him up soooooo that they brought me back to Tails! Who doesn't know, for fun, answering the subscriber's question" don't you want to go back to tails, "she said in a joking manner that if a post with me on my account on Friday collects half a million comments with #nastyushkuvreshku, I will go to the season. Who knew what it would get! Guys, I want to say that I am once again shocked by the power and strength of the Internet and the activity of the viewer. it was you who, sitting at home, visiting, walking on the street, or anywhere, sending a second hashtag, decided the fate of your mistress, servant and slave! You are incredible! You are powerful! I just take off my hat, "Ivleeva wrote on her Instagram.

Later, the TV channel "Friday" commented on the incident: "Well, friends. You have been interrogated. Nastya Ivleeva, aka Nastya Danger returns to Tails."

Nastya Ivleeva was returned to the show "Heads and Tails"

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