Jan 6, 2022
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Nastya Ivleeva showed off her toned ass


Presenter Nastya Ivleeva shared footage from a vacation in Mexico.

At the very beginning of 2022, the blogger sadly noticed how bad she looked, and it’s hard to stop eating during the New Year holidays. “Hello, chamomile … And on the first of January there is generally a varicum to wake up not with a chicken ass instead of a face? I guess correctly, we are losing weight and do not drink tomorrow? ” – she turned to the fans.

However, now it may seem that Nastya was pitying when she showed herself not in the best light, because now she has a figure – everyone is envy.

And it turned out that she devotes some time to sports exercises. “Well, in short, I try to train here every day.“, – added Ivleeva modestly.

Nastya Ivleeva showed off her ass
Nastya Ivleeva showed off her ass

In the comments, the reaction of the presenter’s followers immediately fell. There were even users with check marks among them. So, Alexander Revva noted with respect: “Biceps is good! ” And Natalia Rudova added: “It turns out fire!

Ivleeva’s fans did not miss the chance and joke: “Hands on the table, comrades ”; “We are waiting for Lehi’s comment”; “I would be a kid …

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