Oct 22, 2021
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Nastya Ivleeva reported how she feels after a divorce


30-year-old presenter Nastya Ivleeva divorced by Aljay.

The star of the travel show “Heads and Tails” has been married to the artist for two years. Two stars celebrated a gorgeous wedding, they celebrated Nastya’s birthday on a grand scale and demonstrated family idyll. When in a secular get-together they began to talk about a discord in a couple, the couple did not comment on these speculations. But at the end of the summer, Nastya and Alexey broke up. They divided the property.

Ivleeva did not hide that she was afraid of losing Aljay. At the wedding of Morgenstern and Dilara Zinatullina, a popular girl came in a mourning manner. But today she admitted that after breaking up with the performer of the hit “Minimal” she feels great. “I breathe deeply“, – said the TV channel.

She indicated that she was open to new relationships. “I am not one of those who say that I will never marry again or will not love! I am an open, amorous, free girl! Love is wonderful! So go. Idonchik, pupsik, this is not a stone in the garden“, – Ivleeva sarcastically. Ida Galich also divorced her husband Alan Basiev this year. The couple have a son, Leon. Nastya’s friend had a hard time going through the breakup of the marriage.

Nastya Ivleeva with her ex-husband
Nastya Ivleeva with her ex-husband

At the same time, the star of the Friday channel is struggling not to fall into depression. “Rather, a period of despair and sadness. I try not to bring myself to depression and in every possible way to get myself out of such states“, – explained Nastya.

She believes that she has managed to prevent panic attacks. “I think I was on the verge of these attacks. But, like, I did it! Tin, in general! Mental health is a cruel joke“, – said the TV presenter.

In memory of her ex-husband, tattoos remained on her body. Ivleeva does not intend to get rid of them, although she calls them unsuccessful. “I love them and love the memories! I will not take a single partak off my body! Moreover, tomorrow I’m going to make a new one. I love bastard tattoos“, – assured the blogger. She added that she sometimes felt a sense of uselessness, but did not think about having a family and children.

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