Jun 20, 2021
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Nastya Ivleeva lit a bruise on her face

The blogger left for St. Petersburg again, leaving her young husband at home alone.

Anastasia Ivleeva
Photo: Anastasia Ivleeva

More recently, fans of the couple Eljay and Ivleeva discussed the separation of the artists. Anastasia even temporarily went to live in St. Petersburg with her parents, but returned. The fans were delighted that the young spouses began to get better. After all, for a long time a close friend of the blogger, Yulia Koval, was suspected of discord. Fans organized a real persecution for a friend from Eagle and Reshka, but Nastya denied the girl’s involvement in the quarrel. Then Aljay and Nastya came together to the MUZ-TV award, and later Alexey Uzenyuk was caught drunk while driving his sports car. The wife supported her husband publicly on the social network for the misdemeanor.

Ivleeva lit a bruise on her face
Ivleeva lit a bruise on her face,

But today Nastya again stunned the followers by releasing a story, where a bruise on the left cheekbone from a blow is clearly visible. Where a beautiful young girl has a bruise on her face is not known for certain. But subscribers have already managed to call Aljay the new abuser of show business. In addition, recently, Alexei has often been caught in scandals with various forms of intoxication. It is suspected that Uzenyuk was never able to get off the prohibited substances, and Ivleeva dreams of a stable and strong family. On the air, Ivleeva said that she and her friend were now going to St. Petersburg on Gelika. In Stories, she published a collection of a huge suitcase of things with her.

Ivleeva went to St. Petersburg by car
Ivleeva went to St. Petersburg by car,

Nastya admitted that she is not happy with her appearance now and is ready to go on a diet and return to sports.

“I need to lose a couple of kilograms and pump up even more [ягодицы]”, – said on the air Ivleeva.

On the way to St. Petersburg, Ivleeva ran out of gas in the car. Nastya did not call her husband and ask for help, but turned to truckers who were able to help the girl.

Upon arrival in the cultural capital, she wrote on her Instagram:

“I decided to distract myself from everyone and everything! Unavailable on business issues until 06/18/2021 “.

It seems that the girl really has something to rethink in her life and take a break.

Oksana Rubanskaya

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