Oct 26, 2021
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Nastya Ivleeva decided to admit that she was in love with Lazarev


The presenter Nastya Ivleeva remembered her youth.

The TV presenter decided to sort through her personal archives and found several diaries that she kept as a teenager. After studying them, she remembered how she went crazy for a popular singer.

Nastya Ivleeva often publishes funny photos from her personal archive. The TV presenter is not afraid to seem funny or ugly. This time it came to the diaries that Ivleeva kept as a schoolgirl.

So, it turned out that the star made a list of the qualities of a bitch, wanting to become one, and also a fan of Sergey Lazarev. “Serge, so that you know, I adored you. I was drying for you unreal. Cut out an interview, wrote how I love you“, – shared the TV presenter.

Sergey Lazarev
Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev has been a sex symbol of Russian show business for many years. After the group Smash !! released her first hits, the musician literally woke up famous. Subsequently, Sergei left the team, although this was associated with great risks. He began to pursue a solo career, reaching incredible heights over the years.

Of course, Lazarev and Ivleeva have known each other for a long time. The stars have repeatedly crossed at social events and communicated well with each other. So the presenter’s youthful dream of meeting Sergei came true.

Also on social networks, Anastasia called Dmitry Pevtsov a crash. The fact is that the TV presenter is watching the legendary series “Gangster Petersburg”, where the artist played the main role. According to Ivleeva, everyone should watch this drama, because such high-quality projects do not become obsolete.

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