Oct 14, 2020
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Nastasya Samburskaya sharply responded to the comments of haters who accused her of commercialism

16:10, 14.10.2020

Earlier, the actress said that she could not marry a bankrupt man.

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This weekend, the 33-year-old star of Univer. New hostel "Nastasya Samburskaya provoked a scandal, saying that she would not date a poor man. The actress was asked if she could marry a firefighter. Samburskaya replied that people in this profession earn 35 thousand rubles a month, which is incomparably less than her expenses. Nastasya noted that her monthly income allows her not to deny herself anything, but she is not going to support a man.

“I have a communal apartment of 25,000, a parking lot of 20,000 and a rented apartment for the period of renovation. How are we going to live? Or do you want to get married, so I can provide for you? " - Answered Nastasya Samburskaya (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. row.). Accusations and insults immediately fell on the actress, mainly from men. Nastasya was accused of commercialism and called a woman of easy virtue. Moreover, the actress even began to receive threats from offended firefighters.

Anastasia Samburskaya

Today Nastasya Samburskaya responded to the accusations of the haters. She posted a screenshot of her response in Stories, which caused the scandal. The actress said that the men bombarded her with insults. She noted that she was not going to offend anyone, but simply stated a fact. According to Samburskaya, people in a family should earn equally, and ideally a man should be better off than his beloved. The actress added that she was not going to give up her opinion, and shamed the firefighters who wrote insults to her and even wished her harm.

“Where is the ridicule and superiority on my part? Where is the depreciation of the firefighter profession? And now the main question is whether this right gives the very heroes-firemen, whose good feelings I hurt, to insults, first of all, girls - "cheap", "(further obscene. - Prim. row.) "That are pouring into my account? And send texts with wishes to burn me and my whole family? .. Where is your masculinity and nobility, gentlemen firemen ?! " - Nastasya Samburskaya was indignant.

Joseph Prigogine criticized Nastasya Samburskaya

Let us recall that Nastasya Samburskaya's statement angered many. Iosif Prigogine criticized the actress and producer. He believes that people have forgotten the importance of certain professions. Valeria's husband hopes that after the pandemic, people will come to their senses and understand the value of each person. Prigozhin also noted that some people, experiencing difficulties, become kind, while others - embittered. Probably, Valeria's husband includes Nastasya in the second group. The producer also said that he has infinite respect for firefighters.

We add that at the weekend Nastasya Samburskaya also showed a photo of her lover for the first time. The actress made it clear that she was not alone, but she did not disclose the identity of the chosen one. In all the photos that Nastasya published in the Stories section, the man's face was covered with a picture.

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