Aug 2, 2022
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Nastasya Samburskaya left another man


Actress Nastasya Samburskaya no longer hopes to become a mother naturally.

Last spring, the star of “Univer” accidentally lit up her boyfriend. It turned out to be a successful orthopedic dentist Gleb Pekli. Fans were happy for the artist, but the new relationship did not last long.

Yesterday, 35-year-old Nastasya Samburskaya opened up, answering questions from subscribers. The actress was asked where her lover had gone. Has the couple broken up? “Yes”, — wrote the brunette.

Obviously, the involuntary disclosure of relations affected them negatively. The star of “Univer” agreed with the assumptions of fans that, being a famous person, it is difficult for her to find a worthy chosen one.

Such men are either already married or have not yet been born. And I’m not getting any younger”, Samburskaya noted with humor.

Nastasya Samburskaya - photo from the archive -
Nastasya Samburskaya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The actress shared her plans for motherhood. Nastasya said that she did not intend to “give birth for herself” without the second half. “In this case, I consider only adoption. My child must live in a complete family” she said.

By the way, earlier Gleb Pekli told what kind of girl he sees next to him. Users noted: the strong-willed and strong Nastasya hardly fits his description. “I love feminine girls. Boy girl is not mine,” the man said.

One of the subscribers suggested that the actress take a closer look at Viktor Drobysh. In response, the star recalled that she had broken off cooperation with the producer a long time ago. Moreover, the separation passed with a scandal, which continued in court. “Yes … And what actions did he do for me“, – ironically answered the actress.

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