Oct 12, 2021
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Nastasya Samburskaya angered the public with demands for an assistant


34-year-old actress and singer Nastasya Samburskaya got into another scandal.

The star of the series “Univer. The new hostel is looking for an assistant. According to Nastasya, this should be a stress-resistant, quick-witted, loyal, hardworking person with a lack of creative ambitions and excessive sociability. Young, healthy, honest, able to drive a car. And these are not all the requirements for the applicant.

Multitasking, the ability to keep your mouth shut and maintain subordination, the ability to speak and write competently. Lack of children and planning them in the next five years, work experience and always with recommendations that can be checked“, – wrote Samburskaya and asked to send her a resume with biographies and open pages on social networks.

The actress noted that if there is a person who will meet all the requirements, without exception, then she will not offend him with a salary. The star’s wishes shocked many of her fans. They ironically noted that she did not need a person, but a robot. The TV presenter replied that this position is difficult and everyone in a row is not hired for it.

Anastasia Samburskaya
Anastasia Samburskaya

Do you think that the first gouges that come across become the assistants of famous people? This is a great responsibility. Even getting married is faster to jump out than finding someone suitable for the job.“, – explained Nastasya.

Most of all users were outraged by the point about the absence of children. The artist was asked to explain why this is so important to her. “Because children tend to get sick often. And any adequate parent will prioritize the child. And the priority should be work. I treat everything with understanding, but I need the employee to avoid possible omissions for this very good reason, ”retorted the TV star.

The followers of Samburskaya called her callous. The actress stated that this is not true and she is a very empathic person. However, this did not help. The star of the movie “The President’s Vacation” was accused of infringement of human rights. Nastasya was outraged.

You are so funny. I hire a person and explain what I’m going to pay him for. Or should I take a person with five children, illiterate, nervous, talkative, with health problems, stupid, without work experience, unbalanced and make him my personal assistant, dedicate him in all areas of my life, entrusting him with important assignments. I’m not a government organization to take into account the rights of people when applying for a job.“, – answered the accusations Samburskaya.

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