Dec 31, 2020
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Nasekina Anna Yana Gabbasova became the winner of the 9th season of the show “The Voice” 23:44, 30.12.2020

23:44, 12/30/2020

Basta was named the best mentor of the season.

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Today on the first channel the final of the 9th season of the vocal project “The Voice” took place. As part of the show, the favorites of the competition from the star mentors Basta, Polina Gagarina, Sergey Shnurov, Valery Syutkin performed. Spectators voted for members of each team when the number of contenders for the title was reduced to four.

Oleg Akkuratov represented Valery Syutkin’s team and in the final he performed with the composition “Let it Snow”. As you know, from birth Akkuratov suffers from amaurosis – complete blindness. Moreover, the artist has perfect pitch. Dmitry Vengerov had to leave the project by the decision of his mentor Valery Syutkin. However, Sergei Shnurov took the participant to his team. This time he performed the song “I am free”. Yana Gabbasova turned out to be the youngest among her rivals and went through all the stages of the competition under the guidance of Polina Gagarina. The 17-year-old singer performed the song “The January Blizzard Rings” in the final. Vasily Pasechnik, who introduced Basta’s team, was remembered by the audience for his performance at blind auditions in the ceremonial uniform of a conscript. This time he performed the composition “Officers”. As a result, by the decision of the audience, Yana Gabbasova became the winner of the Voice project, gaining 51.1%. Basta was named the best mentor of the season.

Yana Gabbasova became the winner of the 9th season of the show “The Voice”

Note that this time a popular musical project was not without scandal. The project included the daughter of Channel One host Roman Budnikov. 18-year-old Alexandra Budnikova passed blind auditions with ease. The mentors liked the voice of the young singer so much that they all turned to her after the first seconds of her performance. This fact alerted viewers, who suggested that the connections of her famous father helped the girl get into the project.

Of all the mentors, Budnikova chose Rzhpera Basta. After attacks from haters, he stood up for his ward. The musician said that he considered the girl talented and did not agree with those who accused her of cheating. As a result, Alexandra successfully passed the stage “Eaters”, but the stage “Knockouts” was the last for her. Mentors chose one of their three wards and the daughter of the host of Channel One, according to Basta, was among the weakest. Moreover, none of the other mentors wanted to save the young singer by taking her to his team.

Alexandra Budnikova

By the way, Budnikova herself reacted rather calmly to the wave of indignation that hit her because of her participation in the project. Alexandra stated that her father has no friendly relations with mentors and producers of the project. The girl also said that she knew Polina Gagarina, but superficially. According to Sasha, the famous singer once saw her performance on the Internet and noted her unique vocal abilities. They saw each other in person once, only when Budnikova came to cheer for a friend who took part in the previous season of The Voice.

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