Dec 31, 2020
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Nasekina Anna Maria Ivakova will not be able to celebrate the New Year with her family, since she was not allowed to go abroad 01:51, 31.12.

01:51, 12/31/2020

The actress did not make it to Riga due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Many stars of the domestic show business have changed their plans for celebrating the New Year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday inAlice Freundlich, who was sick with coronavirus, announced that she would not be able to celebrate the holiday with her grandmother. The actress was hospitalized after doctors diagnosed her with COVID-19, and her condition worsened.

Today 34-year-old star of “Eagle and Reshki” Maria Ivakova complained that circumstances prevent her from meeting with relatives who live in Riga on holidays. The actress was not released abroad due to restrictions related to the coronavirus. For the same reason, Maria will not be able to visit Bali, where she was going on New Year’s holidays.

Maria Ivakova will not be able to celebrate the New Year with her family, since she was not allowed to go abroad

However, on the holidays of Ivakov, all such will not be left alone and will meet 2021 with their beloved Nikita Efremov. Rumors about the relationship between the actor and the TV presenter appeared in the spring of 2019 after they were seen at one of the football matches in Moscow. However, Maria and Nikita officially announced their relationship only in the summer of that year, when they attended the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov.

Since then, Efremov and Ivakova regularly share joint photos in their microblogs on Instagram. The stars publicly confess their love to each other, but they have not yet talked about the wedding. In September, Efremov Jr. emphasized that he would tell about the wedding with Ivakova only if he was ready for it. At the moment, he believes that the relationship with Maria is just his story. At the same time, Maria, in turn, said that she was ready to wait for her lover to decide on such a serious step. Now they live in the apartment of the artist, who, according to rumors, got her from her ex-husband-billionaire.

Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova

By the way, both Nikita and Maria have one marriage behind them. Efremov was married to a colleague in the theater Yana Gladkikh, whom he divorced a year after the wedding. The actor said that he and Yana were both not ready for marriage, although they even performed the wedding ceremony. In addition, Efremov admitted that in that marriage he was selfish and thought only about his own development, without understanding what a partnership is. Ivakova was officially married to a businessman Ernest Rudyak… They were also married for a short time, but after the divorce they were able to maintain friendly relations.

Ivakova also said that in addition to an unsuccessful marriage with Rudyak, there was an affair with an abuser in her life. The actress did not name the ex-lover’s name, but noted that he left unpleasant memories. The man tried to control the actress in everything, read her correspondence on social networks. Ivakova admitted that he devalued her dreams and career ambitions, calling them complete bullshit. He also manipulated guilt feelings. As a result, she herself cut off the connection with this man, although he pursued her for a long time after breaking up.

Maria Ivakova

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