Dec 31, 2020
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Nasekina Anna Alena Vodonaeva told what kind of bride she would like to her son 21:34, 12/30/2020

21:34, 12/30/2020

The TV personality wants to see a beautiful and intelligent woman next to Bogdan.

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Alena Vodonaeva is serious about raising her only son, born in a marriage with businessman, candidate of political sciences Alexei MalakeevIN my 11 years old Bohdan grows up as a versatile child. FROMAmong his interests are history, foreign languages, cooking. A month ago, Vodonaeva decided to transfer her son to home schooling. Alena also has her own opinion about social networks. The boy has his own page in Instagram, access to which is closed for him. Telediva believes that Bogdan can use social networks only after reaching a certain age.

Today Vodonaeva reflected on the future of Bogdan. In microblogging in Instagram aboutDean from the subscribers asked how Alena would react if her son chose a bride below the level. Vodonaeva said that such an outcome of events would not suit her.

Alena Vodonaeva told what kind of bride she would like to her son

Note that Vodonaeva and Alexey Malakeev divorced when Bogdan was only three years old. Since then, the child has lived with his mother, but often meets with his father and spends his holidays with him. Moreover, the businessman fully financially supports his offspring and regularly sends him to various foreign camps. In the fall, Alena said that, together with Malakeev, she was thinking of sharing equally the concerns of her ten-year-old son. Bogdan often asks to his father, so the former spouses decided that the boy should live with him as much time as with his mother. For example, each parent has a week and a half.

By the way, Bogdan will celebrate this New Year away from his mother and father. The boy will spend the holidays in the south of the country with his grandparents. Therefore, the TV personality presented her son in advance. This New Year, the boy received a Harry Potter-style chessboard from his star mom. The star herself cannot yet enjoy the upcoming holidays because of her studies – this year Alena entered Moscow State University. In the first days of the new year, the ex-participant of “House-2” plans to re-watch films about Harry Potter.

Alena Vodonaeva and her son Bogdan

Recall that in the summer Alena admitted that she could no longer give birth herself. In the project “Confession” on PREMIER, the TV personality said that before Bogdan appeared, she went through three unsuccessful pregnancies. The first two had to be interrupted, as they turned out to be ectopic. The third pregnancy also ended very badly – the child’s heart stopped. Now doctors strongly recommend that the star freeze eggs. In order to carry out this procedure, the TV personality has several more years.

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