Jan 28, 2021
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Nareche Konstantin Ivleva showed that she looked before rhinoplasty

The young chosen one of the astral chef Lera Kudenkova admitted that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. She showed a picture in which she was captured before changing the shape of the nose.

Nareche Konstantin Ivleva showed how she looked before rhinoplasty

After parting with Baba Maria last year, Konstantin Ivlev had already had time to find happiness with Lera Kudenkova and even make the young lady an offer of the right hand and heart, which she met. When the wedding will take place, the lovers did not say.

The other day Kudenkova decided to communicate with subscribers in a “question-answer” format in stories on her Instagram page. One of the fans asked a question about plastic surgery, Lera did not hide that she got along with rhinoplasty, enlarged her lips and changed the shape of her cheekbones. She then demonstrated how she looked before the surgery.

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