Feb 15, 2021
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Name of the mysterious chosen one of the actress Nastasya Samburskaya

It became known with whom the star of the series “Univer” Nastasya Samburskaya meets. The actress was noticed in the company of her lover after the performance.

The mysterious chosen one of the artist has repeatedly appeared on her Instagram page, but the celebrity always hid her beloved’s face. According to social media, they even traveled to the Maldives together.

As it turned out, Samburskaya is in a relationship with 39-year-old business coach Ilya Burmistrov. Back in December, they were seen in one of the restaurants at a Christmas dinner – the couple were photographed by friends sitting at the next table.

The actress and her chosen one continue to spend romantic evenings together. For example, recently Burmistrov waited for Samburskaya at the back door of the theater after the play “The Hunt for Men”. They released the actress’s warrior and took a taxi to the restaurant. After dinner, the lovers went to the actress’s apartment, located in the center of the capital, writes Super.

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