Jan 4, 2022
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Naked Sergei Lazarev intrigued the fans


Singer Sergei Lazarev shared a photo from his vacation in Turkey.

The artist works a lot, but he also does not forget to pamper himself and the children with the sun and the sea. Sergei again fled from cold Moscow to Turkey. He actively shows footage from the trip on his blog. In the new photo, Lazarev is sitting in a pool with a table on which various delicacies and cocktails flaunt. The artist holds one glass in his hand, and the second is on the table, this extremely intrigued the subscribers. Users immediately drew attention to this, asking who the second drink was intended for.

Nude Sergey Lazarev
Nude Sergey Lazarev

Many also noted that in the photo, the singer looks sad, although he smiles a little. The network suggested that this may be due to the problems of his former partner and friend Alex Malinovsky. The crypto millionaire recently buried his business in Thailand, where he hoped to save him. Fans are wondering if the former friends started the relationship first, because before they often rested together.

Earlier Sergey Lazarev spoke about the work of Potap and Nastya. He condemned his colleagues for the song about tangerines, which contains ambiguous connotations. According to the artist, the band is capable of more serious music and proper lyrics.

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