May 2, 2021
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Naked Renata Litvinova photographed in a sauna

Renata Litvinova once again decided on fearless shocking. The actress and director surprised subscribers with a very open shot.

Naked Renata Litvinova photographed in the sauna

She posted on Instagram a photo in which she appeared in the sauna. The star has no clothes, only mittens, a bath cap and a mask in the right hand. Her naked hump is visible in the frame.

Under the card Litvinova hammered in that the sauna helps her to keep herself in a good-looking figure.

She wrote that she works seven days a week, and also likes to drink champagne.

Therefore, the body must be strengthened. For this, the actress uses a cryosauna every week. This helps you burn at least 400 calories in three minutes.

Renata believes that in such a procedure, one of the secrets of her beauty is one. Respirators admired the 54-year-old artist. They rolled that she is very fine and flawless.

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