Jan 26, 2021
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Nadine Serowski and other bloggers criticized Instasamka for splashing the contents of an ashtray on the courier

17:59, 01/25/2021

Earlier, 20-year-old Daria Zoteeva said that she would not stand on ceremony with food delivery men who do not wear masks and gloves.

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Blogger Daria Zoteeva, better known as Instasamka, is known for her outrageous behavior. In early January this year, a scandal erupted around the Instagram star. The fact is that Daria got into a conflict with one of the food delivery services. She was outraged by the courier’s lack of gloves on his hands. She did not even listen to the explanation of the young man. Moreover, Daria threw the contents of an ashtray on him. In addition, the blogger insulted the courier on camera and posted a video on her microblog on Instagram. However, instead of support, Daria only received criticism and was blacklisted by a food delivery service.

So blogger Nadine Serovski did not hide her indignation at the behavior of Instasamka. According to her, the work of couriers deserves the same respect as other professions. Nadine is sure that Daria should apologize to the courier, otherwise she will not get away with this act: “They are the same people, they work for others, and they, like everyone else, need to provide for themselves and their family.”

Nadine Serovski

Another blogger Lala Frutti believes that the conflict between Zoteeva and the food delivery service could have been resolved peacefully. In addition, as she noted, the company made the right decision by sending Instasamka to the blacklist. “Instasamka has to apologize, because you can’t behave like that towards people. Nobody says that everyone should now walk without gloves, no! Daria could simply explain to the person normally, say that he was wrong, write a complaint to the same Yandex, but not pour the courier out of the ashtray. If it comes to that, it is not Instasamka that should punish, but the organization that hires these people and sets the rules, ”Lyalya said in an interview with SRSLY.

Nevertheless, there are those who defended Instasamka. Blogger She is sims believes that Daria did the right thing. According to her, not the best personnel are now recruited into delivery services. As noted by Yana, she has repeatedly faced with the fact that couriers do not observe safety precautions and do not wear personal protective equipment.

She is sims

It should be noted that Instasamka has previously created conflict situations. So, in mid-February last year, Valery Komissarov, who launched such television hits as “My family“,” Windows “and” Dom-2 “, announced the start of filming of his new project. Komissarov invited Nastasya Samburskaya and Instasamka to host the show. And then he called the stars princes, noting that the actress and blogger are, in his opinion, ideal candidates for the place of the leading “Battle of Presidents”. However, soon the relationship between the producer and Zoteeva soured.

It all started with the fact that on the air of her program Nastya Ivleeva accused Instasamka of corruption, and also called Komissarov’s brainchild “zashkvar”, adding other impartial characteristics. Daria Zoteeva, instead of standing up for the project that she is leading, simply laughed at her colleague’s accusations. But the producer of “Battle of Thrones” decided not to forgive such behavior to the blogger and in shame fired the girl from the project.

Daria Zoteeva

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