Jan 14, 2022
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Nadezhda Babkina spoke about the creation of a new family


Singer Nadezhda Babkina shared her plans for the future.

The 71-year-old artist can talk for hours about Russian folk songs and the unique culture of her homeland. But the artist does not like to be frank about her personal life. Fans are aware that the singer was officially married only once: she broke up with her husband Vladimir Zasedatelev back in 1991.

After a divorce from her husband, the star did not advertise the relationship for a long time, but in 2003 Evgeny Gor appeared in her life. Of course, many were embarrassed by the huge age difference, because the chosen one was 30 years younger than Babkina. However, Nadezhda Georgievna herself brushed aside such claims. An idyll reigned in the relationship of the couple, but recently rumors about the separation of lovers began to appear more and more often. In a new interview, Babkina indirectly confirmed that she is now alone.

I have no serious dream of starting a new family. Why burden someone with your presence? I am not a gift. Next to me are only those who can stand me, understand why I sometimes buck, get angry or cry“, – the singer emphasized.

Nadezhda Babkina
Nadezhda Babkina

At the same time, the artist does not suffer from a lack of attention. She has fans, loyal friends and family members. From the outside, it may seem that a woman with such an iron character can easily endure all trials, but this is not so. Sometimes even Nadezhda Georgievna has breakdowns.

When it hurts me, I also cry into a pillow or on the shoulder of someone who does not betray me, sympathizes, regrets. And I will feel better. Sometimes you just need to loosen the reins, I can’t always stay taut. You have to cry. In general, I am in a hurry to live, I want to do a lot, get more emotions, maybe even make a mistake. Nobody is immune from this. I’ll get hurt and step over, I’ll move on“, – shared Babkina.

Rare free days Babkin prefers to spend next to his son and grandchildren. The heirs of the star are growing talented, but have not yet decided whether they want to connect life with music. Nadezhda Georgievna is not used to putting pressure on children, believing that everyone has a calling.

In an interview for Caravan of Stories, Babkina said that she plans to stage five performances in the coming months. Also, the artist continues to work on the show “Fashion Sentence” on Channel One and does not forget about the tour. Any other artist would have long ago begun to complain about the difficult schedule, but Nadezhda Georgievna is used to thanking fate for everything that she sends her.

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