Oct 30, 2021
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Nadezhda Angarskaya said that her ex-husband is not a man


Actress Nadezhda Angarskaya spoke about her ex-husband.

Ex-resident Comedy Woman Nadezhda Angarskaya admitted that her ex-husband was jealous of her every pillar. The celebrity could not see a real man in him and therefore left him.

Angarskaya noted that her husband could not become a reliable support for her.

I thought I would marry once and for all. But she began to withdraw, complexes began, she became a “hedgehog”. There were calls immediately. He once asked what orientation my friend was, I replied that I did not care. And then it began. Then he said: “Why did he kiss you, why did he look at you ?!” And I myself have already forgotten who approached me“, – said the artist.

Nadezhda Angarskaya
Nadezhda Angarskaya

The divorce was difficult, I tore my husband away from me. Six months were the most difficult … Constant sobs. I think this is upbringing – they didn’t bring up that guy in him. He is not a protector, not a getter“, – Nadezhda admitted in the program” Good afternoon with Valeria “on the air of TV-3.

We will remind, earlier Nadezhda Angarskaya admitted that she was afraid of her ex-husband. The ex-lover knows where the actress lives. Angarskaya notices the aggressive behavior of the former chosen one.

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