Jan 7, 2021
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Mysterious Deep State Wins Another Round of Power Struggle in America

The current president showed that he is in a weak position

On January 6, brawls broke out on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, as part of a series of events leading up to the official inauguration of the new US president, which is due on January 20. The fights are not bloodless: four people died.

As you know, on this day, two chambers of Congress were supposed to approve the voting results of the Electoral College, who declared Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election. Trump trained two groups of congressmen in both houses of Congress, who were to raise objections to the results of voting in several states and demand re-elections in them. In addition, on the afternoon of January 6 in Washington, at a rally in support of the incumbent president, he urged his supporters to go to Congress, where the ratification of the presidential election results took place, in order to “express their anger” to congressmen and senators.

However, the approval of the election results, as recorded on December 14 by the electors, took place without much problem, despite the street riots that one keen commentator compared with the Kiev Maidan: the comparison, I must say, is very tight.

Some time after the start of the work of the Congress, there were attempts to “storm the Capitol”, only it looked a little like an assault. The police cordon resisted weakly, taking place around the task of the US Congress and in the building itself was more like a performance. According to some reports, the police themselves missed protesters into the congress building; anyway one of telegram-Kanal posted a video in which the police open the gate and let the crowd into the Capitol grounds.

The so-called assault on the Capitol only externally had a spectacular appearance

Photo: REUTERS / Leah Millis

The current president, apparently tired of the struggle, reacted sluggishly to what was happening, urging the crowd to disperse and repeating old statements that the elections were falsified.

There was a feeling that Donald Trump is under information siege and not quite in control of the situation. So, the official representative Facebook said Trump’s video message was removed due to “Possible dangerous development of the situation”… Twitter did not delete Trump’s entry, but turned off the dialogue mode, depriving the president of the opportunity to influence what is happening on Capitol Hill “Due to the risk of violence”

The weak position of the incumbent president was also evident from the fact that to Trump’s demand to deploy national guards to protect the Capitol, the mayor of Washington, an African-American Muriel Bowser, replied that she did not have such powers. Also curious is the order of the Mayor of Washington on the introduction of a curfew: the order followed at a time when protesters were walking around the Congress building, and was distributed for a day. However, then, when the crowd left the building and the protesters dispersed, Madame Mayor extended the curfew in the capital of the United States for another 15 days (without giving any reason).

By the way, the protesters on Capitol Hill were so harmless (another reason not to make an artificial comparison with the Kiev Maidan) that they did not make any demands on the congressmen. Apparently, the organizers of the performance set other tasks for them. Surely among the protesters were supporters of Trump, but there were also “aunts” who staged a show under the cameras. The American media only amplified their voices, spreading the image “The enemy of Donald Trump’s democracy”

Yes, the events on Capitol Hill in Washington resulted in four corpses, but after all, who in America counts “collateral victims” when a power change operation is organized? All the more so when the power is changed not in the Republic of Chad, but in the “global superpower”.

The “deep state” is only an image that says little to analysts, but somehow the main point of the events of this day in Washington was that the mysterious “deep state” won another round of struggle against the America, which gave up its voices to Donald Trump.

By the end of the day on January 6, Trump announced that on the set date, that is, January 20, he would transfer power, although he did not agree with the results of the elections held in the country. His disagreement no longer matters. After Biden was declared president-elect on December 14 by the Electoral College, and the electoral decision was confirmed on January 6 by both houses of Congress, the game is over. This circumstance deserves much more attention than the so-called assault on the Capitol.

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