Sep 21, 2020
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“My Firebird”: Maxim Galkin showed a new video with Alla Pugacheva

"My Firebird": Maxim Galkin showed a new video with Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva

While some bloggers are racking their brains over how else to attract subscribers and come up with exciting content for them, 44-year-old Maxim Galkin simply shows his family members: 71-year-old wife Alla Pugacheva and their seven-year-old children Lisa and Harry. Simple family photos or home videos always gain a large number of views and likes on Galkin's instagram. So yesterday's video with his wife became very popular.

"My Firebird"

- signed the video Maxim.

In the video, the singer, dressed in a black dress and ankle boots and a red jacket and socks, stands near the entrance to the house. And Maxim, obviously admiring her, says:

What a beauty, eh!

To which Alla Borisovna answers him, not without a grain of irony:

I grabbed myself a Firebird!

She says, and then starts dancing a little.

Alla Pugacheva

Once again, fans of the star couple noted that Alla Pugacheva looks great - very young and stylish.

The best woman in the world!

No matter what they say, the age difference is not felt in this relationship. Love, respect, boundless sense of humor and children.

Fashionable Alla. There are not enough such pop stars. It is unlikely that such will appear yet.

Super! You are just made for each other!

- Internet users commented on the video.

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