Aug 24, 2022
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MW: Kyiv threatens Russia with a new missile that will reach Moscow

MW: Kyiv threatens Russia with a new missile that will reach Moscow

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Ukraine could create a missile that can hit long distances. The American edition of Military Watch writes about this, noting that we are talking about a missile based on the X-55 ALCM, Svobodnaya Pressa reports.

Ukraine may have kept this missile secret, but used it to attack Crimea. Military Watch believes that this missile could have been used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit the airfield in Novofedorovka.

While there is no exact information that such a rocket exists. It is possible that Ukraine actually developed such a missile, perhaps even with the assistance of the United States. There were suggestions that Ukraine has missiles with which it can finish off “to Moscow itself”.

“So, it seems very natural to assume that the United States and Ukraine are not excluded — even hand in hand are solving the problem of re-equipping Kyiv with medium-range missiles, which include close analogues of the Kh-55,” the publication notes.

It should be noted that in August in the Crimea there were incidents at military facilities, as a result of which ammunition and weapons burned down there. It was also reported about the work of air defense and a video appeared showing drones, which, presumably, could be launched by Ukrainian saboteurs.

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