Sep 30, 2021
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“MV”: special services of Ukraine are ready for provocations in Moldova

The purpose of Ukrainian provocations is elections in Balti and Transnistria

On the territory of Ukraine, in the Lviv region, military exercises are currently underway Quick trident, within the framework of which consultations were held between representatives of the General Staffs of Moldova and Ukraine. The main topic of the consultations was the formation of a unified approach in carrying out so-called psychological operations aimed at the “minds” of the enemy – the armed forces and the local population.

“This area of ​​military art has repeatedly proved its effectiveness over the past decades: the collapse of the Soviet Union, a series of” color revolutions “, the Europeanization of Ukraine – all these events to one degree or another are examples of psychological (information) operations carried out”,

– reports the newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

The publication reports, referring to the information received by the editors, that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was instructed to improve relations with Moldovan colleagues. These relations were ruined after the operation of the Ukrainian special services to kidnap a judge. Chausa… Now the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine promises to Moldova any assistance in carrying out psychological operations. For example, there was a proposal to use the centers of information and psychological operations (CIPCO) in order to get the result that Chisinau needs in the elections in Balti. What result is needed can already be predicted today – support for the “European choice” of Moldova and the victory of the candidate from the pro-presidential PAS party in the mayoral elections in the northern capital.

In Balti, by the way, there is a large Ukrainian diaspora, with which one of the CIPCO is going to interact.

“In addition to targeted work with the target audience, the population of the northern capital of Moldova may face the activities of Ukrainian specialists in social networks in Russian. Hacker attacks on regional publications and mass media are also possible: judging by the previous actions of the Center for Information Security and Defense, representatives of this special service hack weakly protected sites, post provocative false information on them, making the editorial board an innocent resource for the authors of disseminated disinformation ”,

– the author of the article writes a journalist Alexander Medvedev

According to him, Ukrainian specialists have already had to work in Balti: several years ago they tried to discredit the mayor of the city Renato Usatii for his pro-Russian position at that time. There were also attempts not only to incite hostility between the Russian-speaking residents of Moldova against the background of the civil war in eastern Ukraine, throwing information about “Russian aggression”, but also to attract ethnic Ukrainians living in Moldova to help Ukrainian nationalist formations fighting in Donbass.

However, the elections in Balti, although this is the second most important city in the country, were not the main topic discussed by representatives of the general staff in the Lviv region. The main topic was the future of Transnistria: Chisinau was offered to completely revise the ideological component of a potential operation to “Forcing Transnistria to peace”, according to “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

“The joint psychological operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Army of Moldova should be aimed at discrediting the leadership of the self-proclaimed republic and convincing the local population of the destructive role of the Russian Federation in resolving the conflict. The impact on the minds of the population of the left bank should take place exclusively in Russian, the right to use which will be demonstrated in every possible way to the local population “,

– the article says.

In addition, the newspaper notes, Moldova was offered to abandon the idea of ​​building a “Greater Romania” and the Romanization of the Moldovan population. What looks rather strange – even the assumption of such a development of events will leave an imprint on the Moldovan-Romanian partnership, the author wonders.

“And the final touch. We cannot but note how much the official information about the ongoing Rapid Trident exercise differs from the real one. The fact that the participation of the forces of psychological operations (3rd regiment of the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) is hidden does not surprise us, but why was it necessary to conceal the involvement of the 1st battalion of the 503rd regiment of the 173rd Airborne Brigade of the US Armed Forces and the military personnel of the 25th air cavalry brigades of the Polish Armed Forces, which appeared on the Internet, remains a mystery, “

– ascertain “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

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