Nov 7, 2021
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“MV”: NATO in Moldova – intelligence under the guise of “partnership”

“The interests of the alliance in the Black Sea region have nothing to do with the interests of Moldova”

“The interests of the alliance in the Black Sea region have nothing to do with the interests of Moldova”

“The partnership of the Republic of Moldova with NATO is a success story,” said Vladimir Cook, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, at the international conference “Prospects for Partnership and Security through Cooperation on the NATO 2030 Agenda”. The action was organized within the framework of NATO Awareness Week “,

– writes the newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

The official diligently listed in his speech all the priorities of cooperation with the Alliance, but there were too many of them. This is the promotion of political dialogue on security issues, and the implementation of the Moldova-NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), and cooperation in the fight against new security threats, and the management of civil emergencies, for example, the coronavirus pandemic and so on, the newspaper notes. And so it turned out, according to the speaker, that the list of threats is growing every year, and along with the list of threats, the role of NATO in Moldovan life is also growing. And not only grows, but acquires “Double significance and value”

That is, Moldavia is already openly spoken of as a partner of the military bloc, while the country is neutral according to the Constitution, Moldavskie vedomosti reminds. For example, during a meeting between the leadership of the Moldovan Defense Ministry and NATO representatives, which took place in Chisinau, the parties discussed in detail the building up of the country’s defense potential under the strict leadership and with the help of the Alliance. And also – an increase in the number of Moldovan soldiers who will risk their lives not for their homeland, but for the interests of their Western partners.

But in Moldova they know too well what the Alliance would prefer to hide.

“We all know well that the main supporters of the collapse of the territorial integrity of Moldova are receiving support through the NATO special units: Romanian nationalists from Mihai Ghimpu, Dorin Chirtoaca, Anatol Salaru to the activists of the team of President Maia Sandu. That it is NATO that fuels the anti-Russian sentiments of the official Chisinau, declares the Russian peacekeepers in Bendery and Tiraspol dangerous. And that the interests of the alliance in the Black Sea region have nothing to do with the interests of our state. And how, in this situation, to make the Moldovans fall in love with NATO? “

– the author of the article asks a rhetorical question Oleg Volkov

In his opinion, the West does not understand that the Moldovans are a peace-loving nation and the majority of citizens will choose hard work instead of a machine gun in their hands. On the other hand, the political elite of Moldova has no choice, and the national army, as it was prepared for joining NATO under all previous presidents, will continue to be trained. And the fact that Moldova is a neutral country seems to be remembered only by the people, but remember well, and there is no other idea in the country that the population would treat as negatively as the idea of ​​cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance. So they try to change this opinion once a year, but so far they have been unsuccessful. And no desire of the authorities to curry favor with the overseas curators will defeat common sense. No matter how much Maya Sanda thanks Washington for Russian gas, it will still remain Russian and the people understand this, the author is sure.

“The goal of NATO’s ‘informing’ work in Moldova is undercover intelligence. And the annual “NATO week” is, first of all, an attempt to show the readiness of the Pentagon to confront the Russian army. This is the preparation of “cannon fodder” – mercenaries to participate in military operations. This is the sending of Moldovan military personnel to dubious events in Romania and Ukraine. This is the purchase of American technology in an atmosphere of extreme opacity. And all this is covered by statements of alleged cooperation in the fight against coronavirus. But who can this deceive? “

– ascertain “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

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