Mar 5, 2021
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“MV”: Maia Sandu’s policy contradicts the national interests of Moldova

The President of Moldova is doing everything to split the Moldovan society

“The policy pursued Maya Sandu, contradicts the national interests of our country, moreover, it is aimed at further disunity of the Moldovan society, including on national and linguistic grounds ”,

– writes the newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

The publication reminds that only a few years ago the prospect of secession of Gagauzia and the annexation of the autonomous territory to Transnistria was discussed in Moldova, and these prospects were quite real, and the topic itself was raised for the second time in the short existence of independent Moldova.

And after the referendum that took place in Gagauzia in 2014, Chisinau should have thought about it thoroughly.

“More than 98% of the Gagauzians seriously considered the prospect of secession from Moldova, more than half of the region’s residents expressed their fundamental disagreement with the policy of Chisinau aimed at European integration. Thus, accession to the Customs Union was supported by 98.4%, and only 2.7% of the residents of Gagauzia would like to join the EU, ”

– note “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

And only thanks to the efforts of the ex-president Igor Dodonwho managed to establish good relations with the autonomy, the acuteness of this issue was removed. During his presidency, Gagauz politicians have always been included in government delegations, the president himself came to Comrat for all regional holidays, making it clear that little Gagauzia is important for Moldova.

Everything changed after Maia Sandu became president, demonstratively not noticing the Gagauz people.

The Russian-speaking Gagauzians painfully perceived the annulment of the status of the Russian language as a language of interethnic communication. After the decision of the Constitutional Court, appeals similar to appeals not only of 2014, but also of 1990, when Gagauzia was on the verge of a civil war with Moldova, began to appear more and more often in social networks.

“The next moment, which caused sharp discontent in Gagauzia, is the president’s policy of vaccinating the population. Doctors of Gagauzia massively refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the AstraZeneca vaccine, declaring their unwillingness to become guinea pigs. As an alternative, Gagauz doctors call the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”.

However, they are not heard in Chisinau ”,

– writes the author of the article Alexander Medvedev

And another blow to the Moldovan-Gagauz relations was dealt personally by Maia Sandu, excluding the Bashkan (head) of Gagauzia Irina Vlah from the Supreme Security Council. She expelled it without explanation or comment, but brought dozens of representatives of Western NGOs into the Council.

And although the VNB is only an advisory body, the presence of the Bashkan of Gagauzia in it demonstrated Chisinau’s respect for the inhabitants of the autonomy. At the same time, the head of Gagauzia has always been a member of the VSB, since the adoption of the Constitution of Moldova in 1994.

“This is a very unexpected signal. We do not understand why this decision was made. We see that something is happening, but we cannot comment on it. There has never been such a situation that the governor of Gagauzia would not participate in the work of the council. We are very open and want to work together, and this is a strange step, a very sad and dangerous signal for us, “

– quoted by the publication Irina Vlah.

Irina Vlah was told in the presidential administration that the Bashkan of Gagauzia would be admitted only to those meetings at which issues of autonomy would be considered, making it clear that the country’s issues should not worry the Gagauzians.

And since Irina Vlah herself refrains from commenting so as not to aggravate the situation, Moldavskie vedomosti reminds Maia Sandu that all her actions as president contradict the national interests of Moldova, because they are aimed, first of all, at splitting the Moldovan society along linguistic and national featured.

“The president herself will objectively never change her views, remaining a convinced Romanian patriot, however, perhaps her Western curators from the EU countries will point out to the head of state the fatal mistakes of the Moldovan leader, which can provoke an unnecessary conflict in the region?”

– asks the question “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

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