Sep 20, 2020
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Muslim Europe

“The future of Germany may not belong to the religion of Martin Luther, but to the religion of Muhammad,” writes the Italian Giornale in the article “Germany in the shadow of minarets.” While the number of Protestants and Catholics is declining from year to year, and the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Christians remain so only nominally, Islam is penetrating deeper and deeper into Europe. “Germany’s future does not belong to Christianity,” concludes Giornale. Immigrants in Berlin According to the Pew Research Center, currently there are about 3,000 mosques in Germany, including the largest in Europe – in Cologne, opened personally by Erdogan. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of officially registered Muslims increased from 3 million 300 thousand to almost 5 million (6.1% of the total European population), from 4.1% to 6.1%. Taking into account immigration, Muslims could make up from 10.8% to 19.7% of Europe’s population by the middle of the century – from 8 million to 17 million people. At the same time, according to the annual report of the Conference of German Bishops on the state of Catholicism in Germany, the number of Catholics and Protestants is steadily declining. In 2019, according to the report, more than 272,000 people deliberately decided to leave the Catholic Church, and this continues year after year. Since 1990, more than 10 million people in Germany have ceased to be parishioners of their churches. Mosque in Germany In Germany, a TV news clip is circulating on social media, painting a picture of its inevitable future. The Reichstag building with six minarets appears on the screen, and a bearded announcer in a cheerful voice broadcasts: “Berlin. The Salafi Bundestag adopted an amendment to the constitution, according to which minor offenses will now be punished with stoning. Salafi Chancellor Angela Merkel said …” The ad follows: ” Film lovers. Tomorrow at 22.45 the film “If the mullah calls twice.” It seems to be a joke, but in reality it is a formidable warning about the European future. The same trends are in France. So, according to the Pew Research Center, at the end of 2017, 5 million 720 thousand Muslims lived in France. According to other sources, there are much more of them. Representatives of the Muslim community in France themselves cite an overstated figure of 15-20 million people. Renowned French demographer François Héran cites a figure of 8.4 million Muslims in France. Most French people believe that at least 31 percent of Muslims live in the country, because “they are everywhere.” If this is the case, then, given that Muslim families have far more children than the French, Muslims will make up the majority of the French population in 20-40 years. Today there are 2,100 mosques in the country. For comparison: in 1985 there were 900. The mosque in Cologne is the largest in Europe According to the Multiple National Survies and Stadies, by 2050 the largest proportion of Muslims will be in Sweden – 31.6%, in Belgium – 20.4% and in Austria -19.9%. In 2016, Turkish President Erdogan, speaking at a rally in Eskisehir, said: “Move to more prosperous areas. Buy better cars. Live in better houses.” He spoke not to the people of Turkey, but to the 4.6 million Turkish diaspora in Western Europe. “You need to give birth not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. This will be the best answer to the injustice towards you.” Muslims at prayer in the center of Paris A new term “Eurabia” has already been launched, as those who are alarmed by its Islamization propose to call the European continent. The concept, embraced by politicians like Dutch populist Geert Wilders, builds on the idea of ​​a third Muslim invasion of Europe. The first two incursions were armed (732 and 1683). Clashes between Muslims and police in Germany “Liberalization has been pushed to the point of absurdity,” writes Catholic historian Ivan Renard. “People go to church in search of God, truth and moral values. If the morality of the church community is so flexible that within a short time, the black becomes white, and even more often this gradation disappears altogether, and there is neither good nor evil, only something neutral gray, many are disappointed. Therefore, Scandinavian and German Lutherans, Anglicans and others are not helped by either same-sex marriages or the ordination of women – if these church communities were not funded by the state (through church tax), they would have ceased to exist long ago due to the lack of pastors and the outflow of believers. applies to Catholic dioceses, in which modernists rule everything. ” Crowds of immigrants from the East break through to Europe To add to this the demographic factor: the indigenous population of European countries is aging and dying out, and in Muslim families, having many children is a common occurrence, and this is fueled by the continuous influx of immigrants from the East to the Old World. Cover photo: Muslim prayer service in central London

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