Apr 8, 2021
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Musk changed his mind about coronavirus vaccines

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk, said he supports vaccination against coronavirus, although he previously said that he was not going to be vaccinated. He expressed his changed point of view on Twitter.

Musk revealed in The New York Times’ Sway podcast last fall that he and his family have no plans to get the coronavirus vaccine when the drugs become available. He also expressed confidence that COVID-19 does not threaten him and his children. Last year, Musk claimed to have had the coronavirus.

“I want to clarify, I support vaccines in general and vaccines against COVID in particular. Science is unambiguous. Only in rare cases does an allergic reaction appear, but this is easily solved with the help of (injection – ed) EpiPen, ”Musk said in a new tweet.

Earlier, he called for the lifting of restrictions in the United States due to the pandemic as soon as possible and called the panic over the coronavirus stupidity.

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