Apr 10, 2021
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Musician GAZO GAZ has released the newest single “Leti”

Performer Gazanfar Aliyev, throwing out music under the pseudonym GAZO GAZ, has released another single entitled “Fly”.

Musician GAZO GAZ has released the newest single

According to the network edition “ArtMoskovia”, yesterday, on April 10, the newest track by the artist GAZO GAZ, released by the label MEDIA SDV / Nomer1media, was played on all music venues. The title of the newly minted single is “Fly”.

GAZO GAZ is a representative of the so-called hookah rap, a style that is very popular at this time. From many other performers, he is distinguished by the absence of obscene language in the tracks, as well as lyricism. Also, according to his musician, one of his hallmarks is sincerity.

The rapper’s real name is Gazanfar Aliyev. During an interview for the ArtMoskovia publication, the musician said that his songs are about life and love.

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