Mar 31, 2021
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Music therapy: how to raise the level of energy and bring good luck to life

Music therapy: how to raise the level of energy and bring good luck to life

Music is immensely violent. It helps to raise energy and attract fortune in all areas. Experts said that it works and what kind of music you need to listen to in order to become more cloudless.

Earlier, we have already talked about simple exercises that save you from burnout and loss of energy. Music in this regard will be an excellent assistant, so do not forget about its incredible power.

More importantly, our adored music raises the energy. If you start to feel tired, listen to your favorite song. This will give you strength and energy.

Try to listen to your favorite music when you feel tired or you lose the urge to come forward. It’s great in moments of apathy and sadness. It is scientifically proven that music heals the soul and helps to find success.

You can go further and give yourself real sound therapy. The five nature sounds are combined with meditation. All you need is to simply relax. Meet the resting posture while lying or sitting. Throw all redundant thoughts out of your head. To do this, take a measured breath – inhale and exhale as slowly as possible.

Close the thorn, breathe smoothly and slowly, and in the background you can turn on the sounds of nature. This will significantly boost your energy. Imagine yourself where sounds are coming from. If it is the sound of the ocean, let it shudder, sunset, warm sand and waves. If this is the singing of birds, then you can imagine yourself at the edge of the forest, surrounded by flowers and animals. This opens up the chakras very well.

Attracting love… In attracting love and awakening Anahata, such a magnified soul chakra, the sounds of birds singing will help you. Here’s a perfect example of these sounds:

Raising money… As many as three chakras are responsible for money luck: Vishudha, Ajna and Manipura. Music of rain, ocean waves or mountain river will help to open them. The Release of Water is directly related to financial flows.

Opening the Spiritual Chakras Is also a dignified element of musical meditation and sound therapy. The sounds of the wind will help you with this. The element of the Spirit symbolizes the lightness that should be possessed by crushing any person.

There are a myriad of ways to raise energy levels and open chakras. Experts familiarized us with the fact that this can be done with the help of jewelry and talisman stones. In this case, the strengthening of the biofield occurs inactive, without the need to spend your time on it.

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