Jun 9, 2022
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Museum of Traitors-2: It’s time for the Kremlin to figure out who to get rid of in difficult times

Museum of Traitors-2: It's time for the Kremlin to figure out who to get rid of in difficult times

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

Three months after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the Russian elite, cultural and political, continues to “crumble”, exposing its anti-people inside. And even the obvious failures of the pioneers of betrayal do not stop those who decided to defect to the enemies of Russia.

Among these, Alexander Nevzorov*, who left for Italy, and then was seduced by the citizenship of Ukraine from the hands of Zelensky. “Outstanding services” to Kyiv did not save the former State Duma deputy and Putin’s confidant from disgrace. The Ukrainians did not want to be fellow citizens with him.

Another example is the ex-employee of Channel One Marina Ovsyannikova. After a live demarche, she moved to Germany, where she was boycotted by Ukrainian refugees. Moving to Odessa and changing her last name did not save the renegade from being ostracized by fellow countrymen and getting to the Peacemaker website.

Former officials are not far behind. Vladimir Milov** — the former Deputy Minister of Energy in the Russian government has been put on the wanted list. Ex-Prime Minister went abroad because of Ukraine Mikhail Kasyanov. Disappeared in the West Grigory Yavlinsky (but promised to return). Dissolved somewhere in Europe Chubais.

How did it happen that part of the elite turned out to be rotten at a difficult time for the Motherland?

“We are seeing the result of many years of neglect of the sphere of ideology, meanings,” points out Deputy Head of the International Eurasian Movement Valery Korovin. — The thesis “ideas do not matter” has prevailed in the Russian government, the expert community and the media space for the past 30 years. It was believed that the main thing was political technologies, the effectiveness of management, and what to write and say could be invented along the way for specific tasks.

This created a semantic vacuum that was filled by our geopolitical opponents. They formed the semantic matrix of the current Russian politics, culture and education for themselves. They have created a liberal environment of pro-Western intellectuals, thinkers, experts who are now fulfilling the mission for which they were prepared – they are on the side of the West and against Russia.

It took three decades to form a pro-Western liberal elite. And who formed the patriotic, traditionalist, Eurasian elite? Nobody. On the contrary, it was harassed, pinched, imprisoned, using all the tools of the state machine in order to disperse it as much as possible. Not without the participation of liberals, including those in power. At the moment when it is necessary to fight, Russia has no semantic alternative.

“SP”: – At the top they are already talking about the Russian world as the future ideological basis of the country. Then you will have to clean up the authorities from many who do not comply …

– Officials are able to adapt to any concept that descends from above. But above them should be a meaningful person. The current leader was taken from a liberal environment, but then went through a series of ideological transformations. Under the influence of the factors of Russian history, circumstances, traditions and solutions to practical problems, it eventually took shape in a patriotic sovereign manner.

But due to the lack of personnel, the purge of power will lead to the collapse of state administration. In this situation, it is easier to force the current officials of the liberal bloc to think and act in a patriotic way. This is an effective, but short-term solution. Now is the time to talk about a long-term strategy for the formation of new Eurasian elites.

“The degradation of our elite has been going on not for 30, but for all 40 of the last years, starting from the Soviet era,” believes political scientist, director of the Freedom Institute Fyodor Biryukov. – Those party apparatchiks who were more dexterous and aggressive chose the Western vector of development. In foreign policy there was “Kozyrevshchina”, which meant the direct subordination of Russia to the United States. Group scammerwho worked on the 1993 constitution after the shooting of Parliament, was also subordinate to American advisers.

The same is true in culture. Almost all representatives of the establishment culture “lit” the texts, were connected with the authorities. The rock movement existed only with their permission, although its representatives are spoken of as rebels. Moreover, many of them were children of party bosses, professors. It was the “golden youth”, not the guys from the street. The real deep underground – the same “Civil Defense” – is an exception. Therefore, they did not survive later.

And to this day, this connection remains. There is an official elite, a social culture that adheres to the general line, and there are their associates, the same Chubais who recently left, who are engaged in fronting because of their commercial interests or because they quarreled with each other and are afraid for their well-being. But everywhere there is a corporate-human factor. Therefore, they are allowed to leave freely.

One well-known statesman recently surprised everyone with his tough posts in the telegram channel. But after all, it was he who some time ago was literally an icon, the hope of systemic liberals, many of whom are already on the sunny shores of other countries. All these people are not an elite, but a comprador bourgeoisie brought in from outside, capable of mimicking any socio-historical situation. This is the main problem.

“SP”: – Many patriots are already asking with irony: where can I sign up for “Medvedev”?

– Officials and cultural figures in power are now forced to play the patriotic card harshly, because because of the sanctions they are deprived of the freedom of maneuver that they had before. But these are situational, tactical actions. Their strategy has not changed since the 1980s. They still want to use the state budget as efficiently as possible in their interests. This is contrary to the interests of ordinary citizens of Russia.

For the successful development of Russia, a change in elites and semantic paradigms is necessary. In the short term, when a generational change of the ruling class is inevitable, it is important that not their descendants, chameleons who will create another camouflage for themselves and their deeds, but fundamentally new, fresh forces that would consider the fate of Russia as their own, be on the crest of the wave.

They must be ready to really fight for the interests of the country and, in case of temporary setbacks, pay for them. Today, only the people pay for the failures of the authorities, and the incomes of the financial and economic sector are only growing from year to year, despite any crises. So some kind of revolution from above in the political and cultural elite must take place. Otherwise, the degradation of the state, the loss of meaning will continue.

– Problems with the Russian elite – economic, administrative, cultural – are of a systemic nature, – states coordinator of the party “Other Russia E. Limonova”*** Andrey Dmitriev. – These people come, let me remind you, from a red jacket Sobchak and baked Yeltsin. They were formed mainly in the 1990s, while younger generations of officials were already under Putin.

But the fact is that over the past 20 years, Putin and his team have not created a new Russia: they only froze the very country of the times of the big hack and the Royale alcohol. This model is well shown in the movie “Blind Man’s Bluff”, where scumbags performed Panina I Dyuzheva in the zero years they become deputies and respectable masters of life.

On February 24, announcing the start of the special operation, the president took an exceptionally bold step, bringing the country into a completely new reality. And one can only be glad that we have finally broken with the West and got rid of a number of characters, such as the all-Russian allergen Chubais. But further in the course of 100 days of the special operation, it began to turn out that the top categorically did not want to live in a new way.

SP: Any examples?

Customs puts obstacles in the way of humanitarian workers who, for a moment, are doing what the Russian state should do, supplying the soldiers with equipment, and the residents of the liberated territories with food and basic necessities. To the head of Sberbank Gref also had a lot of questions. One of these days, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held, judging by open data, billions of rubles are going to be thrown away for this pretentious and meaningless get-together …

And the president even takes into account the moods of this influential stratum of society. I even spoke with sympathy about people who will still buy luxury vehicles, albeit at higher prices. Or maybe good cars should be given to our fighters who distinguished themselves at the front, and to the families of the dead?

There can be two ways out of this situation. Personnel revolution from above, like Peter’s or Stalin’s, purges of national traitors, new ideology and ethics. Whether Putin is ready for this, we do not know.

* Recognized as a media foreign agent.

** Recognized as a foreign media agent.

*** Not registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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