Sep 19, 2021
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Museum exhibits vote for the team of the local chief legislator in St. Petersburg

Museum exhibits vote for the team of the local chief legislator in St. Petersburg

Photo: AP Photo / Dmitri Lovetsky / TASS

The star of the St. Petersburg scandals on election days was Marina Lybaneva, daughter of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarovarepresenting one of the largest and most famous party.

First established by the Legislative Assembly and financed from the budget, the free newspaper Vecherny Peterburg published an interview with Lybaneva on three pages, where, among other things, a candidate for the city parliament spoke about her election program. For some reason, there was no information about payment for material from the candidate fund.

At the same time, an announcement appeared on social networks about the recruitment of young people who want to make money on stuffing for Lybaneva. The hired were promised 9 thousand rubles each and guaranteed safety: “The person who suits everything is the second in St. Petersburg. He said he would guarantee security. Since the police will be our own, no legal violations … Nobody needs this! “

Provocation? But then, at polling stations No. 1615 and No. 1806, a young man with bundles of ballots was caught red-handed precisely for Lybaneva. Both tried to escape, with the first shouting “Run!” a member of the electoral commission who clearly knew him. The swindler was found to have ballots not only for the speaker’s daughter, but also for the lists of this largest and most famous party in the elections to the State Duma and Legislative Assembly, and also for a city deputy from another, also well-known, but pretty shrunken in recent years party Boris Vishnevsky… Which is not surprising at all: the irreconcilable oppositionist, even for decency, does not hide his friendship with Makarov.

It’s also fun at polling station number 2188. where another member of Makarov’s team, vice-speaker of the Legislative Assembly, is elected to the State Duma Sergey Solovyov… A lady was detained there, who first tried to bring a bag with a bundle of ballots to the precinct, and then tried to escape. The electoral commission fought off the detainee, explaining that she was just filling out blank ballots at home, and when she was stopped “Panicked a little”

Maybe the sheets were not initially filled out, but it was at the polling station where they were carried that very interesting voters were found. The cheerful guys were registered in house number 1 on Gangutskaya Street, where no one lives, and the Museum of the Siege of Leningrad is located. A member of the election commission, who tried to find out what kind of museum exhibits they had come to vote for, was instantly thrown out, and the court confirmed her expulsion …

It seems that mandates for Mr. Makarov’s friends are almost in their pockets. If there are not enough exhibits from Gangutskaya, you can connect sculptures from the Summer Garden and stuffed animals from the Zoological Museum.

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