May 12, 2020
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Muscovites are recommended to stay at home on May 12

Therapist Larisa Alekseeva warned Muscovites about the danger of going to street in warm weather in a pandemic.

She told about this in an interview with the publication "Evening Moscow"

As weather forecasters promise, 12 in May the air in Moscow warms up to 12 degrees. On the same day, a mask and glove mode will begin to operate in the capital.

It is better not to leave the house if possible. Because it will be hot in masks, and you can’t wear them in public transport. In a mask, gloves, a person will sweat, it is better to observe the regime of self-isolation ", -

explained the doctor.

Alekseeva emphasized that the Russians who are at home will much more easily suffer a sharp change in weather and atmospheric pressure, as well as magnetic storms, since the apartments have a special microclimate.

Alekseeva warned that you can’t take a cold shower or sit under air conditioners and fans for a long time: because it is after the first heat that people often get cold, they get sciatica and neuralgia.

Now is not the time, we must take care ”, -

emphasized ter apept.

According to the data on , May is registered in Russia 209 550 cases of coronavirus. Over the past 24 hours, they have revealed 6309 new cases of coronavirus and 85 deaths.

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