May 15, 2022
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“Murder” of France

“Murder” of France

Washington and Brussels are very alarmed by the critical rise in the popularity of Marine Le Pen’s party.

She lost the elections only because, like last time, the French left, led by their leader Mélenchon, defected to the side of the protege of the United States and the international banking business, Emmanuel Macron. The labor rights activist vengefully urged his supporters not to vote for Marin, who was ahead of him.

However, Marin still achieved a record result, closer than ever to Macron. And all because of the fact that the social crisis intensifies in France. Gone is the prosperous cheerful country from comedies with Louis de Funes and Pierre Richard. In France, impoverishment is accelerating, and its citizens are less and less inclined to joke.

The Politico reporter talks about the terrible impression that the French hinterland made on him. The once populous and prosperous charming town of Tonnen has become a dead zone. Those who remained to live in it, in the majority voted for Le Pen, the only person who undertook to help them restore their former well-being. Today, most of the shops in the city have closed, there is no longer a local butcher’s shop, the baker has closed his bakery.

And there are thousands of such cities in France. People say that along with these ancient villages, the former traditional France is also disappearing. There is barely enough money to make it to the next paycheck. “By the end of the month we eat only potatoes,” complains Tonnen resident Gwenelle Josset. – It’s not just a lack of money. Depresses the feeling that life was better before. At that time, our parents allowed themselves to eat meat every day.”

The inflation caused by NATO’s war with Russia is finishing off the remnants of the former France. Macron is more concerned about the victory in Ukraine, he is no longer up to the French province. There is too little money allocated for its development, but the president spends hundreds of millions of euros on weapons for Kyiv. People are disappointed and angry at the politicians who took the side of the president, who has almost ruined France. Coming popular unrest could eclipse the memorable marches through Paris of the “yellow vests”.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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