Jul 25, 2020
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Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and even the Klitschko brothers. Rating of people who changed the history of boxing

In 2020, for obvious reasons, all this will not be at least on Red Square in Moscow. But even in the face of a pandemic, today is a great occasion to remember the most influential people in the history of boxing, who turned this sport into a favorite show for real men and sophisticated women. Who made the most significant contribution to the development of professional boxing on the planet? Life version.

Don king

Of course, the main characters in this game are boxers, but behind the backs of modern gladiators there are always people who play the most important role in their lives. These are the promoters. The most influential, famous and outrageous promoter in boxing is Don King, who rightfully bears the nickname The Godfather. The 88-year-old businessman turned professional boxing into a real show in the seventies of the last century, thanks to which more than 90 of his clients became millionaires.

Under King, money flowed in fights, and his greatest career achievement was the organization of two of the most epic battles in boxing history with Muhammad Ali - "Rumble in the Jungle" and "Battle of Manila". But, despite his talent and organizational skills, King was known in the industry as a low and rogue person. The famous Mike Tyson accused Don of financial fraud that cost Iron Mike $ 100 million. In any case, the famous promoter went down in boxing history as a person, thanks to whom not only stars, but also ordinary athletes began to receive completely different money. For which special thanks to him!

Muhammad Ali

There are probably not so many people in the world who need to be explained who Muhammad Ali is. An outstanding boxer of all times and peoples has become a legend not only in the ring, but also outside it. Born Cassius Clay, he became an active supporter of the fight against interracial inequality. There is even a legend that after the golden Olympics for Ali in 1960, he was not allowed into one of the catering establishments in America, referring to the ban on black people from crossing its threshold. The boxer offended by this act threw his medal into the sea ...

Also, Muhammad went down in the history of his country as a person who refused political and religious views from serving in the US Army and participating in the Vietnam War. In sports, Ali has achieved all the most significant awards, becoming a true boxing icon. Also, Muhammad can be called the founder of trashtoking and "getting into the heads of rivals". George Foreman won't let you lie ...

Mike Tyson

The famous puncher and real horror of heavy weight at the turn of the 80s and 90s became the only boxer on the planet who managed to come close, and perhaps even overtake Muhammad Ali in popularity. Iron Mike literally burst into the world of professional boxing, becoming the youngest holder of the championship belt. The power of Tyson's punches was legendary, as well as his irrepressible and ferocious character. According to the boxer, he went into the ring with the aim of killing. And it was difficult to disagree with this ...

Mike's opponents were losing to him even before the start of the fight. But still, there was a man in the world who was not afraid of Iron Mike and actually sent him to retire. Of course, it's about Evander Holyfield. Despite his retirement, Iron Mike continues to thrill the hearts of boxing fans around the world decades later, dreaming of the return of the legendary athlete. Even at 54, Tyson remains in great shape, as eloquently testified to by social networks. Will we see Mike in the ring again is a question for millions ...

The Klitschko brothers

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are unlikely to stand next to Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in terms of the development of professional boxing, but the fact that they have been the best of the best in heavyweight for many years, and have also become the very "white hope", is undoubtedly a fact. Both brothers became famous at a time when professional boxing was having big problems with having stars. This was especially felt in the most popular heavyweight division among the fans. With a heavy fever, the champions were replaced one by one.

And then there appeared huge, textured, like models from the covers of magazines, Ukrainian brothers from Germany, who began persistently, step by step to conquer the audience. They were destined to succeed. But, despite having all the titles, the brothers never managed to become icons. Unlike all the same Ali, Vladimir and Vitaly do not shine with a sharp mind, they are not so charismatic and shocking. All the guys have are big fists and model looks. But sometimes this is enough to lead a whole city ...

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather

Professional boxing has always been interesting precisely for the fights of heavy, big guys. But with the development of the paid TV industry, the show needed heroes in smaller scales. Oscar De La Hoya, Arturo Gatti, Eric Morales, Julio Cesar Chavez and many other guys of Mexican descent have staged a revolution in professional boxing. Thanks to their fierce and desperate wars in the ring, fans fell in love with lightweight, and the athletes themselves began to make millions! But no matter how uncompromising the battles of the Aztecs were, all the honors, fame and multimillion-dollar contracts went not to them, but to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Television turned these two guys into megastars, the duel between which could become the most significant event in the entire history of world boxing. But the cunning Floyd skillfully avoided meeting his most dangerous rival, buying time. And it has come ...

It was then when Pacman was punched and stripped of his freshness. The most anticipated fight in history actually turned out to be the most boring absurdity, which, however, allowed pensioners to earn nine-figure sums without five minutes. Mayweather was hardly the strongest fighter of his time, but a well-thought-out strategy for selecting opponents allowed him to go down in history and leave undefeated. Bravo, Floyd! This is business, not war.

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