Sep 4, 2022
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Mouse fuss of liberals: why did the fugitive Russian opposition gather in Vilnius

In the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, from August 31 to September 2, the so-called Free Russia Congress (CFR) is being held. The event is attended by former US Ambassador Michael McFaul, representatives of the Russophobic Baltic republics, Poland, as well as fugitive Russian oppositionists – Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Garry Kasparov, Viktor Shenderovich and others. They are also waiting for the famous Kyiv “hypnotist” Alexei Arestovich. Such a composition of participants says only one thing: the purpose of the forum is to try to create conditions for chaos and unrest in Russia in order to make it again vulnerable to the West.

The organizers claim that the event is designed to “form an intellectual alternative to the current regime in the Russian Federation.” But who exactly is the intelligentsia in the understanding of these people, and indeed, who authorized McFaul, Arestovich and other enemies of Russia to such gestures? Unclear.

The people of Russia have heard a lot about the “exploits” of these figures and they certainly did not ask them to form an “alternative to the regime”. Moreover, the “intellectual alternative” should be formed within Russia, and not in the Russophobic republics of the European Union, which have long dreamed of the collapse of the Russian Federation and gaining control over its resources.

It is obvious that the CSR is the same senseless structure as a number of collaborationist regimes in other countries. For example, like the so-called Yemeni government in exile, which since 2014 settled in Saudi Arabia and felt at ease there. Now, with the help of the Saudis, they have moved to the capital of Yemen and from there continue the genocide of their own people.

Apparently, the members of the CSR are very eager to see this happen again in Russia. A weakened country torn apart by internal contradictions and Western “well-wishers” rushing to the aid of the Russian people.

Just look at the list of forum members. In addition to the already mentioned representatives of Ukraine, the European Union and the United States, the CSR is attended by people who call themselves Russian oppositionists, but at the same time, with enviable tenacity, pour mud on the country from their cozy shelters in the West.

The “healthy” opposition comes up with constructive proposals for the development of the country. Those who left their homeland in disgrace and now in the capital of Russophobic Lithuania take upon themselves the right to speak on behalf of others are a priori unable to propose a positive agenda. They broadcast only hatred and anger towards their country.

Who are these “light” people? For example, Viktor Shenderovich, a liberal journalist recognized as a foreign agent. He expressed disagreement with the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and in January of this year, social activists accused him of rehabilitating Nazism. In the same month, he left the Russian Federation.

Or father and son Gennady and Dmitry Gudkov. The first left Russia a few years ago and settled in Bulgaria, the second went abroad in 2021. Both did not support Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, but were close to the blogger Alexei Navalny, who was convicted of fraud.

Present at the forum and “opposition” caliber more. For example, ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former chess player Garry Kasparov (both recognized as foreign agents) and others.

Many of the participants are tritely stuck in a vacuum: Europe does not need them, but in Russia they are waiting for a prison. Therefore, they are trying in every possible way to declare themselves and demonstrate their usefulness to the West.

At the same time, the inefficiency of the Congress is obvious. The forum has been held for several years twice a year. All this time, a lot of money is spent on renting hotels and conference rooms and banquets. But the participants of the events were unable to develop strategic documents. It all comes down to banal talk about the “beautiful Russia of the future.”

Moreover, the participants of the forum in Vilnius not only express anti-Russian ideas, but also take a great interest in radicalism. Take the same assistant to the President of Ukraine Arestovich, who openly broadcasts the ideas of Nazism. Such people are unpredictable and dangerous to the world community.

Another pronounced problem of such gatherings is the lack of agreement in the ranks of the “oppositionists” themselves. This public recognized ex-deputy Ilya Ponomarev, convicted in absentia in Russia, as not shaking hands. He was found guilty of spreading fake news about the Russian army. By the way, in 2019 he received the citizenship of Ukraine, where he currently lives.


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