Nov 5, 2021
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Motorcyclist injured in a strange “accident” involving a cow

strange accident involving a cowRiding a motorcycle can be quite dangerous, but this man had no idea what kind of trouble he would face.

strange accident involving a cow

He collapsed from his vehicle onto the road, but not at all from a collision with a car or other motorcycle. The stranger was thrown down by a hooligan cow, who knows how it turned out to be unattended.

strange accident involving a cow

It is unlikely that the biker was so badly hurt, and therefore the users of social networks, who looked at the footage with the strange “accident”, not so much expressed sympathy as laughed. True, there were people who were angry with the cow. If an animal did something like that with them, it would quickly end up on the dinner table as a main course, these non-vegetarians claim.

The cyclist narrowly escaped death by crossing the road

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