Sep 2, 2021
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“Mother Russia” did not pick up

“This is such a leap from a professor of the department to a marginal freelancer without a future,” the former teacher admitted on Facebook.

She waited six months for someone to “pick her up”, but the Opposition Platform – For Life party refused to hire a professor for the position of a journalist. There were no proposals from Russia either.

“My mother is also embarrassed by something in me,” Bilchenko complained about the Russian Federation.

Now she was left “at the broken trough” and cherishes the hope of returning to her former place of work. The ex-professor of Kiev University is now forced to “freelance around the clock” to ensure her existence.

I foresee gloating: the former Euromaidan activist and the Right Sector volunteer got what she deserved. This is true, of course, but this is not why this person is of interest to me.

For me, Evgeny Bilchenko is a collective image of an average Ukrainian who has seen his sight. Who understood everything about Euromaidan, and about Ukraine, and about Russia. However, unlike his average fellow citizens, Bilchenko is not silent. Firstly, because she is literate, and secondly, because she is brave. Or reckless, there really is someone who likes it.

“While Europe has been expressing deep concern about me for a long time, and some people in Russia are thinking whether to forgive me or not, I happily rejected asylum in Europe. I will not abandon my united people, but I have only one from Volhynia to the Neva. I believe in him. I saw him, and he is really alone. I quite consciously accept the tests and show the world the reality of our country, to which many are afraid to open their eyes, ”he wrote in yesterday’s post. – “I will not be scared and will not break. There will be no half-hearted position, like many of our oppositionists. Change of views, so change of views, on a Russian scale. “

I believe that there are already millions of such people who have seen the light, but fearfully silent, in Ukraine, and with each increase in tariffs, the law on mov or land, there are more and more of them. And Evgeniya Bilchenko is a kind of their mouthpiece, directed not only outward, but also inward, to their large audience. For example, she tells her that Russia, which she visits from time to time, is much closer to Europe than Ukraine. That is, it encourages thinking and comparing, rethinking and being disappointed.

The seemingly contradictory story of the transformation of her views on the opposite is also the story of her deceived fellow citizens. Whose voices are understandably inaudible. Their thoughts are formulated by Evgeniya Bilchenko.

By the way, she is not offended by Russia, like many in Ukraine, but steadfastly withstands all the hardships she faced in her new, unemployed life. She does not ask anyone for anything, but she solves everyday problems herself. And, I must confess, such a fighting spirit appeals to me.

And even after her confessions and discussions, a strange, almost forgotten feeling of empathy for the Russian people appears under the posts.

Maybe it’s not so bad?

Pavel Shipilin

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