Jan 7, 2021
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Mother of the family was rudely called for allegedly incorrect parking

parking insultA resident of Australia who came to shop was terribly upset when at the end of shopping she saw a rude note on her parked car.

parking insult

The fact is that our heroine has parked in a place reserved for drivers with children. But at the time of parking, the woman did not have the children with her, because she dropped them off with her husband at the main entrance. The author of the message, who hastened to conclusions, called our heroine “a fat piece of excrement”, while if he bothered to look into the salon, he would have seen both a stroller and two baby car seats.

parking insult

Internet users with whom the lady shared her experiences advise her not to be upset. Although some noted that in our world there are many ill-mannered critics who begin to judge and insult others, without even understanding the situation.

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