Sep 14, 2020
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Mother of the family horrified baby t-shirts with naked trolls

Naked Troll T-ShirtsSeveral mothers from the UK joined together on social media, urging shoppers to boycott the ASDA supermarket chain.

Naked Troll T-Shirts

It all started with Kiki Marriott, who went shopping and was horrified at the sight of a children's T-shirt sold in the store. The clothes adorned with a drawing with naked trolls, and even an inscription announcing that everyone is free to love.

Naked Troll T-Shirts

Kiki and her associates are sure that whatever the message is in such a T-shirt, it is certainly not suitable for young children, and besides, it almost approves of pedophilia. More and more people are reportedly reluctant to shop at ASDA until they reconsider their children's fashion policy.

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