Apr 19, 2021
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Mostovoy appreciated the creation of the European Super League

Former midfielder of the Russian national team, “Spartak” and “Celta” Alexander Mostovoy commented on the emergence of the European Super League.

In his opinion, after the creation of such a league “it is necessary to abolish all these slogans“ football for all ”, because they lose their meaning. He explained that now “teams of the second ten level can easily compete with such giants as“ Real ”,“ Manchester United ”. Now they want to take away this right from them, the footballer believes.

Moskovoi added that other new tournaments have recently appeared, such as the League of Nations and the League of Conferences.

“Do they want to make robots out of football players, or what? Well, physically they simply cannot withstand such loads. I do not know. I don’t like this idea, ”Mostovoy is quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

On April 18, 12 European clubs announced the creation of a football Super League, which included British Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, Spanish Barcelona, ​​Atletico and Real, as well as Italian Milan, Inter and Juventus. The tournament is scheduled to begin in August 2021.

This decision was opposed by UEFA, FIFA and the Russian Premier League.

Earlier, the Union of European Football Associations said that they would not allow Super League players to participate in the World and European Championships.

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