Nov 5, 2021
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Most of the power units of TPPs stopped in Ukraine

As of Thursday, more than half of the power units at TPPs were not working in Ukraine, said the first deputy chairman of the budget committee, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Batkivshchyna, Ivan Krulko.

He recalled that there are 88 power units of thermal power plants operating in Ukraine, balancing nuclear energy.

“Of these, 37 are functioning, 51 are not functioning,” the parliamentarian said, speaking on the Nash TV channel. Krulko said that half of the stations are not working due to lack of fuel. According to the deputy, the state-owned Trypilska TPP, the most powerful power plant in the Kiev region, stopped on November 4 due to a decrease in coal supplies to a minimum.

The parliamentarian called the situation serious and added that in such cases “normal authorities” begin to act actively.

At the end of October, the Ministry of Economic Development announced the termination of supplies of thermal coal to Ukraine. The department explained this by the growing needs that have emerged within Russia.

Earlier in the parliament, a statement was made that the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus “kills” the Ukrainian energy system.

Meanwhile, Belarus, within the framework of the agreement on the provision of emergency assistance in the afternoon of November 2, began supplying electricity to the Ukrainian energy system with a capacity of 500 MW. President Alexander Lukashenko noted that he is not against the sale of electricity to Kiev, despite the attitude towards Minsk.

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