Apr 10, 2021
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Most Effective New Moon Rites in April 2021

Most Effective New Moon Rites in April 2021

On the day of the New Moon, the found rituals are met, with the help of which everyone can change their life for the better. In April, everyone will be able to use the energy of the night sparkle for their own good.

In April 2021, the New Moon will take place on the 12th in the sign of Aries. The energy of this constellation will give strength to deal with failures, and proven rituals will help bring into life everything that makes it happy. Experts recommend using effective rituals to find happiness.

The new moon is a great way to make an old dream come true. In order for lust to come true, it must be formulated correctly, not to ask the unrealizable and not to be greedy. Desire is certainly drawn up on a beautiful piece of paper, and they write it as if it had already come true. For example, “I have a car (make, model, color, required specifications)”. The more detailed the dream is depicted, the more accurately it blowjob. After that, the sheet is placed on the windowsill with the words:

“The new month in the sky shows, leaves all my troubles in the past, renews my energy. As if she will grow, so will my dream come true, until the Full Moon will come true ”.

The leaf is left overnight, and then hidden in a secluded point and not shown to anyone.

On New Moon Day, attracting prosperity will not be difficult, unusual for those who love beautiful flowers. The ceremony will require any flowering houseplant. You can take the usual one or bring the newest flower to the collection. The plant is planted in new soil, a few coins and eggshells are thrown at the bottom of the pot. After that, the plant is placed on a windowsill, water is poured into a large container in a strand. After that, the words of the conspiracy are read:

“I water the plant with monthly water, I attract prosperity to life. As if my flower would pick up its buds, so happiness will come to my house ”.

Infused water, which is left overnight, is poured over the flower. It is great to use all the water that is infused on New Moon or during the waxing moon to attract prosperity.

An artless ceremony will help to renew energy and preserve beauty and attractiveness for a long time. On New Moon day, you need to take a chicken egg, separate the white from the yolk and beat the white until a little foam appears.

It is applied to the previously cleansed skin of the snout, neck and décolleté, saying:

“Every one month is getting younger, dropping old age, and I (name) will keep my attractiveness, I will ask the Newly-made Moon for help. As if she grows up, so will old age leave me. “

The mask is washed off with cool water after 10-15 minutes. It is more important to bury the yolk and shells under a flowering bush of a rose, hydrangea or other perennial, so that the beauty of the flowers maintains its attractiveness.

New Moon is a great time for cleansing and liberation. On a day when the energy of the night sparkles is renewed, experts in the field of bioenergy recommend saying goodbye to harmful modes and attitudes in order to start the newest stage of life, filled with happiness and prosperity.

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