Sep 13, 2020
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Moskalkova offered to sort out the situation with Navalny if there is an appeal from relatives

Tatyana Moskalkova expressed the hope that the oppositionist Alexei Navalny, who has come out of a coma, will help establish what exactly happened to him, reports TASS.

"In my opinion, everyone is interested in that the evidence was collected as much as possible, and the person who participated in this poisoning was identified - or it was established that it was not criminal poisoning. But the truth needs to be established. Since he is now out of a coma, probably Alexey will give some information that is important in order to dispel doubts or shed light on the true situation, "Moskalkova told reporters on Sunday, answering a question whether she had contacted her German colleagues on the situation with Navalny.

She added that she has no appeal from Navalny's relatives, so she just continues to monitor the situation. In particular, the absence of an appeal does not allow her to contact the competent authorities of Germany for explanations, however, if such an appeal is made, she will be able to contact her colleagues about the situation.

Earlier, the Ombudsman reported that no one approached her on the issue of providing assistance to Navalny.

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