Dec 31, 2020
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Moscow State University named 2020 the warmest year in Moscow in 240 years

The Meteorological Observatory of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University has recorded a new record for the average annual temperature – 8.1 ° C above zero in 2020. The previous maximum was last year and amounted to +7.8 ºС, the press service of Moscow State University reports.

According to Mikhail Lokoshchenko, a leading researcher at the Department of Meteorology and Climatology at the Geographical Faculty of Moscow State University, the increase in the average annual temperature is due to the abnormally warm winter and autumn. January and October in the outgoing year were the hottest months in Moscow on record.

In 2020, nine out of twelve months were warmer than the current climate norm for the capital.

It is noted that observations at the station have been conducted since 1780, however, the warmest years occurred already in the XXI century, in descending order these are: 2020, 2019, 2015, 2008 and 2007. In modern times, the air temperature in the capital rises rapidly and steadily.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center announced a yellow level of weather hazard in the capital and in the Moscow region. The ice warning in the region is valid from 9:00 am on December 30 to 21:00 on December 31, about the wind – from 9:00 am on December 29 and for 24 hours.

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