Jan 27, 2021
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Moscow could have captured Kiev in 2014 – Ukrainian intelligence officer

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In Nezalezhnaya they complained about the lack of air defense systems capable of covering the capital

Russia could occupy the territory of Ukraine to the Dnieper in the spring of 2014. This was stated by the ex-head of the Independent Foreign Intelligence Service Viktor Gvozd.

According to him, at that time there was not a single combat-ready unit in the Ukrainian army, and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense was trying to find how to protect the sky over the cathedral capital.

“MANPADS were installed to cover the parliament, because they did not know how to cover Kiev. Fourteenth year, the end of February,” Pan Gvozd revealed his “secrets” in an interview with the Apostrof channel.

He noted that it is now easy to criticize the decisions of the then authorities, while it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces were at that time.

“I remember how then the cars were sent, put on the lane in Gostomel, because they were afraid that Russian special forces would sit down,” the scout admitted.

According to Gvozd, if bloodshed began in Nezalezhnaya, for example, in the Crimea, the Russian servicemen would march “to the Dnieper.”

He believes that the threat of attack still exists, since a huge group of the Russian Armed Forces stands on the border with Ukraine, and our troops are armed with Iskander missile systems capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons.

Last fall, the country’s State Bureau of Investigation published a report in which the department identified a number of reasons due to which Kiev lost Crimea. In particular, one of them was called the transfer of control of the peninsula’s air defense system to the command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, and later – the Russian Armed Forces.

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