Sep 15, 2021
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Moscow and Beijing coordinate counteroffensive against Japanese propaganda

Japanese and American politicians as double-dealing and cheats

Japan’s largest pro-government newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun, reacted with some delay to the publication by the Russian Federal Security Service of documents revealing the criminal activities of Japanese Nazis who were preparing a bacteriological war. The newspaper comments on the statements of V. Putin and S. Lavrov in their greetings to the participants of the recent International Scientific and Practical Forum “The Khabarovsk Process: Historical Significance and Contemporary Challenges.”

Yomiuri states: “On September 9, during a World War II event, President Putin said: “We will never allow justification and whitewashing of criminals, their monstrous plans that threatened all mankind.”… As an example, he cited the Japanese militarists along with Nazi Germany … Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sent a message in which he emphasized: “It is important that both present and future generations remember the atrocities of the Japanese militarists, who left a bloody mark in the history of mankind.”

A timely reminder to those in the Land of the Rising Sun who hide these atrocities, delete references to them from school textbooks, commemorate the souls of war criminals executed by the Tokyo Tribunal, convinces new generations that Japan was not the instigator of the war, but its victim. Including a victim … of the Soviet Union.

Japanese propagandists make extensive use of accusations of the USSR that are responsible for the outbreak of the world war, which are heard in the West. Yomiuri writes: “It is emphasized in Europe that the blame for the outbreak of World War II lies not only with Nazi Germany, but also with the USSR. Therefore, historical events make the Putin administration nervous “

However, the Russians are not nervous. The Japanese, who are losing the image of a peace-loving nation, should be nervous. If until recently Tokyo intimidated Japanese citizens with the threat of a Russian-Chinese invasion, now they are concerned that Moscow and Beijing are coordinating a counteroffensive against Japanese anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda. Takeo Kudo, author of the Yomiuri article, notes with dismay: “On September 3, Chinese leader Xi Jinping sent a message to an international forum organized by Russia, in which he called for cooperation on issues of historical perception. Experts believe that Russia can count on China’s help in criticizing Japan. “

Unplanned anxiety. China has something to show to Japan, which committed the genocide of the Chinese, the victims of which, according to Chinese data, were 35 million people. Let me emphasize: the question of the genocide by Germany of the Russians and other Slavs, and by Japan of the Chinese, Koreans and residents of other countries occupied by it should be raised with particular urgency right up to the UN, as well as the question of preparing for bacteriological warfare.

The forum held in Khabarovsk was intended to expose Japanese plans to exterminate people through infection with viruses and bacteria and to draw attention to the creation of military biological laboratories by the Pentagon in the countries surrounding Russia and China. The US authorities are obliged to give comprehensive explanations of what military biologists are doing in these laboratories and whether they are not modern “detachments 731 and 100”.

Trying to “switch the arrows” to Russia / USSR, “Yomiuri” resorts to the imposing allegations that Moscow “violated” the Soviet-Japanese pact of neutrality when entering the war with Japan. The author writes: “The administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again emphasized the responsibility of Japan during the Second World War. On the one hand, it justifies the attack on Japan in August 1945, which runs counter to the Neutrality Pact between the USSR and Japan, and the occupation of the northern territories, and on the other, it tries to drag China into this problem, with which it jointly opposes the West. “

Regarding the “violation of the neutrality pact,” it has been explained more than once that the pact was officially denounced by the Soviet government four months before the declaration of war. The lamentations about the “occupation of the northern territories” are broken against an immutable historical fact: the loss of the southern Kuriles by Japan was provided for by the Potsdam Declaration, on the terms of which Tokyo surrendered unconditionally. Clause 8 of the declaration read: “The terms of the Cairo Declaration must be met, Japanese sovereignty will be limited to Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and the smaller islands that we specify.” And such islands were indicated in the Memorandum to the Japanese government of the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied occupation forces in Japan, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, No. 677/1 dated January 29, 1946, agreed with Washington. The text of the memorandum reads:

“3. For the purposes of this Directive, the territory of Japan is defined as consisting of: the four main islands of Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku) and approximately 1000 small adjacent islands, including Tsushima Islands and Ryukyu Islands (Nansei) north of 30 ° north latitude (beyond excluding Kutinosima Island), and excluding:

… Kuril (Chishima) islands, the Habomai group of islands (Hapomaggio)including Susio, Yuri, Akiyuri, Shibotsu and Taraku Islands and Sikotan Island (Shikotan – A.K.)“.

The clumsy attempts of Tokyo, and then, during the Cold War and Washington, to silence the indisputable facts do no credit to Japanese and American politicians, showing them as double-dealing, if not to say cheaters. The Yalta Agreement on the Far East, signed by Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, unequivocally states: South Sakhalin will be returned to the Soviet Union as a result of the war, and all the Kuril Islands will be transferred to it.

Raised in a spirit of enmity with the Soviet Union, and now with Russia, the Japanese population cannot free themselves from the propaganda clichés imposed on them. This is also evident in the responses of the Japanese to the article in Yomiuri. Sometimes the responses breathe with undisguised anger:

“Saori Imai

Of course, for Japan, which neighbors both Russia and China, every step of President Putin becomes a problem. Meanwhile, from the point of view of Europe, the last European dictatorships represented by Russia and Belarus are on their last legs. Both presidents are already in years, and their actions resemble agony. The situation will change dramatically when both leaders step down (along with death?). But it is not known how many years will pass. Putin is 68, Lukashenka is 67. Taro Aso (Deputy Prime Minister of Japan .- A.K.)for example, 80 years old, and this is depressing. It is important to look to the future. The distinguishing feature of Putin and Lukashenko is the absence of a successor. This is normal for dictators. It is important for Japan to build its strategy with the future in mind and remember that times are changing.

I am

It is important that both the present and future generations remember the atrocities of the Putinists, which left a bloody mark in the history of mankind. We will never allow justification and whitewashing of criminals represented by the USSR and Russia, their monstrous plans that threatened all mankind.


It is impossible to return the northern territories through negotiations. What to do then? It is also necessary to solve the problem of the abduction of the Japanese by agents of the DPRK. But many continue to talk about negotiations. Mad pacifists.


On March 20, 1952, the US Senate ruled: “The San Francisco Peace Treaty does not imply the transfer to the USSR of rights and powers to the southern part of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, Shikotan and Habomai.”


Japan does not need idiots who are willing to shake hands despite such claims. Japan needs to get away from false illusions, strengthen ties with the West, impose sanctions and put pressure on Russia to collapse Putin’s system. It is necessary to lead Russia to a second collapse so that she herself would give up the islands. Recently, a Russian plane violated Japanese airspace. Russia mocks Japan. What kind of economic cooperation can we talk about?


The USSR left a bloody trace in the history of mankind. He violated the Neutrality Pact, attacked Japan, continued the aggression after the end of the war on September 2 and seized the northern territories.


They are ready for a lot. It is necessary to impose economic sanctions against Russia. She won’t give up the islands, you don’t even have to think about it. And China deserves the same treatment.


The USSR and Russia left a bloody mark in the history of mankind. The USSR violated the Neutrality Pact. Brutal and inhuman Soviet soldiers killed the Japanese in Manchuria. After the war, more than 60,000 Japanese soldiers were interned and killed. We must not forget that Russians do not understand words.


Such statements indicate that the Putin administration is in a very difficult situation. There are a lot of cases of coronavirus, the economy is in chaos. Japan just needs to be calm and keep its distance. Taking into account China, you cannot quarrel. President Putin, we will not help!


Responsibility for the war reminded me of being interned in Siberia. Tens of thousands of Germans and Japanese were killed. How inhuman Stalin was. If you raise the events of past years, then remember your deeds. “

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