May 2, 2021
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Moscow advises US to behave well – Sohu

The authors of the Chinese Internet publication Sohu believe that Moscow is advising Washington to behave well. The Russians are transmitting the signal through official Kiev.

Moscow sent an unequivocal signal to Washington by addressing official Kiev. This is how the authors of the Chinese media portal Sohu interpret the events. Analysts attempted to decipher this signal, and PolitRussia published an exclusive translation of the material.

Chinese analysts remind that Kiev is constantly calling for US help in confronting Russia. However, no help is coming. There are only examples of demonstration actions, for example, a Hamilton coastal boat appeared in the Black Sea the other day. By itself, it does not pose a threat to Russia, which is probably why Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, addressing our Ukrainian partners, that we should not indulge ourselves in the hope of large-scale military assistance from the States.

The authors of the material, which appeared in Sohu, believe that US demonstrative actions are not helping to improve relations with Russia. Moreover, they can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, Moscow is sending an unambiguous signal to Washington, using Kiev as a kind of mediator.

“Washington does not want to go into an armed conflict with Russia, because the United States is not ready for a full-scale war,” the journalists add, emphasizing: “Moscow reminds Washington of this and advises to behave well.”

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