Sep 17, 2020
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Morgenstern responded to Ksenia Borodina’s criticism of receiving the Woman of the Year award

08:51, 09/17/2020

The artist wished the TV presenter to learn how to wake up in the world where he is being awarded the prize.

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A week ago, rapper Morgenstern was awarded the Woman of the Year award at the Moda Topical magazine awards, who came there in ladies' clothes. This angered Ksenia Borodina. The TV presenter said that there are many beautiful women in Russia, and she does not understand why Morgenstern receives the award instead of them.

“I want to say in the words of Djigan’s wife, with whom I’m friends:“ I don’t want to wake up in a world where Morgenstern becomes “Woman of the Year”. We have a huge number of beautiful women on the stage. Now I'm not talking about myself in any way. Why women in Russia have died out, I cannot understand! We have a lot of them, they are all very beautiful. I think this case should be reconsidered later, ”said the host of“ House-2 ”.

Morgenstern responded to Ksenia Borodina's comments on receiving the Woman of the Year award

The rapper did not remain silent and posted a video message to Borodina on his YouTube channel. “I wish Ksenia Borodina to learn how to wake up in the world where Morgenstern became the woman of the year. This world is like that, but it's not bad. Do you not know what star awards are, wake up, ”said the artist. Alisher is sure that all modern awards are just fiction. He believes that the stars know in advance in which categories they will become winners, and voting is necessary only in order to maintain viewer activity.

Morgenstern himself is a rare guest at social events. At the Moda Topical Prize, he appeared solely to shock the audience. The rapper stressed that on the same evening he forgot about the prize, because the awards, in his opinion, are "nonsense" and he does not need them. It is worth noting that the artist became popular without any connections and even without rotation on radio stations. Thanks to viral tracks that are rapidly spreading on the Web, Morgenstern can boast of high earnings and high-value purchases.

Morgenstern recorded a video message to Ksenia Borodina

Morgenstern ironically commented on his victory, noting that over the past few months he had been thinking about what he would do next. He joked that he has already become the most watched, listened and talked about artist of 2020. Now the award "Woman of the Year" is for him "a breath of fresh air" and he definitely has where to move. Alisher is really not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. He admitted that he plans to release one track after another in order to finally prove to ill-wishers his influence on the minds of young people.

Ksenia Borodina has not yet responded to Morgenstern's appeal. Recently, she has been trying to devote more time to her family. Ksenia admitted that she was not even ready to give an interview to every journalist and could afford to choose whom to talk to and who to refuse. According to the star, she has already done enough work in her name to spend time the way she wants it.

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