Oct 27, 2021
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Morgenstern may shine a real time


Outrageous rapper Morgenstern got into a scandal with his statement about the day of victory.

The artist has never been as close to failure as after an interview with socialite Ksenia Sobchak. This time, the Investigative Committee became quite seriously interested in him, seeing “the possible dissemination of information disrespectful to society about the days of military glory and insulting the memory of the defenders of the Fatherland or humiliation of the honor and dignity of veterans” after his statement about Victory Day.

Let us remind you that Alisher Valeev said that he did not understand all this pathos in relation to the events that had passed long ago. And although he has already managed to apologize to the veterans who felt offended, the proceedings are ongoing. The shocking musician has a very real term – five years in a colony.


Ksenia also managed to stand up for her hero, saying that there was no insult, just a very young man, born much later than the heroic events, does not quite understand their enormous significance for the Russian people.

And blogger Lena Miro believes that Morgenstern just became another victim of Sobchak, who always provokes her interlocutors into a scandal, which keeps the popularity of all her interviews.

The same Alisher Valeev said that he had spoken to Ksenia about the need to allocate additional funds to the veterans, but these words were not broadcast. And in general, that day he had a wedding, and he did not express his thoughts well.

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