Oct 30, 2021
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Morgenstern gives his wife diamonds


Singer Morgenstern gave his wife expensive jewelry.

The artist and his beloved Dilara have been together for several years. The guys met before the rapper became famous. There were difficult periods in their relationship, but a couple of months ago they played a high-profile wedding.

The feelings between the spouses are getting stronger every day. Today Dilara boasted luxurious gifts from her husband, including a bracelet with precious stones and a ring. “Girls, it’s all because they just love me“, – Dilara shared her emotions.

This is not the first time that Morgenstern pleases the chosen one with expensive gifts. So, in March of this year, he presented a suitcase full of money for Dilara’s birthday. However, this was not enough for the rapper, so the girl got the keys to the car as a presentation.

Morgenstern's wife showed a bracelet with diamonds
Morgenstern’s wife showed a bracelet with diamonds

Now Morgenstern and Dilara are in full swing making common plans for the future. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the rapper admitted that he dreams of a strong and large family. “Most of all I now want not to be touched. I really want children. Hopefully they will be there soon. I’m tired of PR, of all this show business“, – stressed the artist.

Morgenstern's wife showed off a diamond ring
Morgenstern’s wife showed off a diamond ring

While Dilara is associated exclusively with Morgenstern, the girl is somewhat annoyed. Now she is trying to do everything to become independent. She develops social networks with might and main and works on her own business projects.

While the fans are skeptical about the girl’s ambitions, but she does not intend to stop. In addition, Morgenstern supports the chosen one in all endeavors.

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